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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Alamo TX

  • The city of Alamo, first incorporated in 1924, was named for the Alamo Cottonwood trees that grow on the land. Located in an abundant area of fruit and vegetable farming, Alamo is a well known town with a modest population of 18,353 as of 2010. Alamo specializes when it comes to offering seasonal events for the residents; there are lots of outdoors activities thanks to the topography and no shortage of ways to relax. The greatest part about Alamo is that it offers the quantity of restaurants you would expect from a big city with the hometown quality you would expect from a small one. You can try authentic barbecue over at The Original Willies Bar-B-Q or even feast on Mexican food at Jalisco Mexico Taqueria.

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  • No shortage of recreational activities! What makes Alamo stand out is the many activities it offers for people to enjoy themselves. Whether it's exploring the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge or going to Arturo's Tavern, there's no shortage of fun things to do.
  • Tons of seasonal activities! If there's anything Alamo is known for, it's the many seasonal and holiday festivals offered in the city. Oktoberfest and Conjunto Festival will excite horror fans, and the Alamo Watermelon Festival will keep your taste buds satisfied.
  • Perfect for home owners who value a lasting investment! Alamo is a great fit for homeowners, thanks to home values that are known to increase over time and property appreciation rates that are higher than the rest of the state. With a total appreciation rate over the last 10 years of 22.26 percent, living in Alamo means that you don't have to worry about your home or property investment. With places like the Mexicali Bar and Stars Drive Inn, there's a lot of places for you to go.
  • A wide variety of houses to choose from! One of the most lauded parts of Alamo is the wide variety of houses prospective home buyers or renters have to choose from. With lots of listings on the market for rent to own houses, ranging from detached houses, mobile homes and even townhouses, there is a lot to choose from. Even better is that in Alamo, your home will be near great eateries and cafes such as Juice Up and Otto Sushi & Seafood.
  • The hub for outdoors activities! Thanks to a climate that is conducive to outdoor activities, Alamo doesn't skimp when it comes to offering ways to keep active. Whether it's playing golf, swimming over at the Alamo Country Club or simply going bird-watching at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, finding things to do outdoors in Alamo is a breeze.
  • Great for those that crave the nightlife! Alamo is great for those that value their nightlife. It offers various venues for hanging out. You can get a drink at the El Pato Lucas Sports Bar or even go to nearby Ted's Lounge.