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Top 14 Reasons to Live in Atascocita, TX

  • Home values rising! In Atascocita, houses have appreciated 2.3% from 2013 to 2014 and are expected to go up another 1.3% by 2015. If you snag a rent to own deal now, perhaps in the Forest Point Drive or Riverside Crest neighborhoods, odds are good that the value of your property will increase as the years go on.

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  • Lower living expenses! Against the national average of 100, Atascocita scores an impressive 79 for housing-related costs. Interestingly enough, groceries are also well-priced with Atascocita sporting an average of 80 against the national average. You can take advantage of some of these low prices by shopping at the local Aldi grocery store or Kroger in nearby Humble.
  • The community has a great future ahead of it! Over the next 10 years, there's an expected 36.36% job increase while the national average sits at 32.1%. Registering with ASAP Staffing in Humble or the local branch of Aerotek can help you find the perfect job.
  • Real estate sales are trending upward! City Data's graph shows a dip in sales following 2008, but after that, real estate sales have largely trended upward. This is an excellent time to see what rent to own houses are available. Check out the areas surrounding Sam Houston Parkway or Lee Road for some great choices.
  • Entertainment options! Shankz Black Light Miniature Golf and Billiard Factory are both located in nearby Humble.
  • Reasonable vacancy rates! The 4.43% vacancy rate means that future residents should have no problem settling in. With rental rates being in double figures, it definitely couldn't hurt to see if rent to own homes are an option. Tallgrass Prairie Lane and Enchanted Timbers Drive have plenty of options.
  • Newer homes! Almost half of the houses, 47.9%, were built in 2000 or later. You can find some of these houses on South Houston Avenue or Kenswick Forest Lane.
  • Golf! Atascocita Country Club and other private golf courses nearby like Walden on Lake Houston are sure to keep any avid golfers interested, and just a short drive away.
  • The food always hits the spot! The garlic knots at Italiano's keep people coming back while the chicken enchiladas at La Villa are always a hit. The mouthwatering barbeque sandwiches at the Tin Roof BBQ are an absolute must-have.
  • The Lyndsay/Lyons Park and Sports Complex! Easily accessible from Atascocita, the facilities alone have earned the Lindsay/Lyons Park and Sports Complex its reputation. With 136 acres, you can find restrooms, concessions, picnic areas and grills to make this the perfect location for an all-day spot of relaxation. On the sports side, there are plenty of fields and diamonds to choose from. Check out Bike Barn in town and enjoy your new two-wheeled ride outside.
  • Roomy homes for sale! In 2000, 96.9% of real estate in this community was of the single residential variety. The market appears to still be single-home dominant. According to the numbers compiled by Zillow, 31.6% of sold homes were in the 1,800-2,400 square-foot range while 38.4% of homes were 2,400-3,600 square feet. Check out the homes on Atascocita Road or Wilson Road.
  • An awesome location! Humble is just six miles away and Houston is less than an hour's drive. With many residents commuting to work, living in Atascocita changes your employment options in a good way. If you're going on a short driving adventure, check out Pappa's Seafood House or the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
  • Great environmental scores! For the Air Quality Index, nitrogen dioxide levels, and both types of particulate matter, Atascocita had an average score. When it came to carbon monoxide, lead, sulfur dioxide, and ozone levels, however, Atascocita had above average scores. Collectively it points to a place that has stayed relatively free of air pollution. This will keep you healthy enough to take fitness classes at Harris County Precinct 4 Community Center or take a walk at Lake Houston.
  • Strong local ties! As per City Data, 5.48% of Harris County's taxpayers left the area in 2005 compared to the Texas average of 7.44%. When you check out the stats, it becomes clear that Atascocita only seems to attract people, if the 84.4% post-2000 growth rate is anything to go by. City Center and West Lake Houston Parkway seem to be particularly good areas to settle into.