Rent to Own Homes near Greenville, TX

  • Greenville, the largest city of Hunt County, has a convenient location just 45 miles away from Dallas on the I-30. The city has been an attractive place to settle in, mostly because of its prosperity from cotton trade, made possible by its fertile black soil; railroads were established to boost the cotton trade and these made the city all the more appealing for its ease of access. Now with a friendly neighborhood, green cover, low cost of living and plenty of community events, the city is a charming place to settle in.

Check out over 300 Greenville, TX rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 7 Reasons to Live in Greenville, TX

  • Enjoy a date with history! Book your rent to own home in the same city that honors America's most celebrated soldier, Audie Murphy at the Audie Murphy Museum, and houses the revered Landon Winery, an award-winning establishment. Ride a horse wagon through the streets of Downtown Greenville to explore its history.
  • Celebrate the outdoor space! With plenty of parks, lakes and relatively good weather, Greenville is perfect for a walk, nature stroll, jog or splash. Green spaces like the Heritage Garden and The Spot -- which happens to be the first smart growth park in Texas -- take care of the nourishment your lungs need.
  • Tons of local entertainment! Remember the old dinner theater of the 70's when you could combine entertainment with fabulous food? When you book your rental homes at Greenville, you can look forward to this kind of entertainment at the newly refurbished Texan theater. If you're interested in real stars, the planetarium at the nearby city of commerce is just the place to go.
  • Enjoy fresh local produce! Take the farm to your home with some of the freshest and juiciest of produce from the Farmers Market at Bois d'Arc in downtown Greenville.
  • Boogie down with live music! Live music is hot at Greenville; enjoy the shows at Greenville Municipal auditorium and the Texan Theatre. You'll be happy to belong to this community of music lovers, especially when the Threadgill Concert blazes the stage.
  • A variety of culinary delights! Whether it's a quiet drink that you're looking for or a place to party with great food, there's enough choice and variety in the neighborhoods of Greenville. Enjoy a drink at the Corner Street Pub, superb pasta at the Tuscan slice or incredible barbecue at Johnson Street Smokehouse.
  • Hop on those wheels! Vehicles are a hot topic in Greenville. From the popular bicycle race at the Cotton Patch Challenge, to the Super bowl Speedway, there are plenty of exciting events that celebrate riding and the vast open spaces.