Rent to Own Homes near Laredo, TX

  • Located on the border next to the Rio Grande, Laredo, Texas sometimes gets confused with the neighboring city Nuevo Laredo, in Mexico, but America's Laredo is a safe place with many attractive amenities encompassing education, entertainment and cultural diversions. Texas A and M University is located here, as are Laredo Community College and other notable institutions of higher learning. The Planetarium is intellectually stimulating and a fabulously fun time for people of all ages. Though the climate is hot and dry, there are lots of bodies of water that adventurous and active folks love to take advantage of, including Lake Casa Blanca in the International State Park of the same name. It's true that Laredo's housing market has hit some bumps, but it's recovering slowly yet steadily. Families hoping to raise kids or students looking for cheap accommodations should scoop up the inexpensive real estate while it stays affordable. There are great options for rent to own houses, homes to purchase or apartments to rent.

Check out 80 Laredo, TX rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top Reasons to Live in Laredo TX

  • Housing Statistics The Laredo housing market is improving in 2013, though it hasn't yet reached the levels it enjoyed in 2011 or earlier. However, there is a marked improvement over last year at the same time. The median price for a home currently sits around $169,000, though different neighborhoods will vary this estimate wildly. That number is helpfully 5.7 percent higher than a year ago, so values are going up. The mean price for a detached house is worth considering as well, as many people opt for townhouses or rentals. In 2009 a detached home ran a buyer $105,337, and shoppers today can expect even better deals.
  • Local Restaurants There are hundreds of excellent eateries in Laredo, including downtown and all over the border between countries. Both students and families love dining out, and Mexican is the preferred cuisine choice. Taco Palenque is particularly popular, with the tortillas and salsa called out as superior. Texas Roadhouse is an American style restaurant with steak, barbecue and southern favorites available. El Capataz is an upscale dining establishment, also with Mexican fare, but they're known as a high-end gastropub, with an excellent selection of draught beers and seafood.
  • Largest Employers and Industries The most common industries in Laredo are educational services and construction. Women make up the majority of individuals working in education, while men make up the majority of individuals working in construction. Trade is high in the city, where many trucking companies do international business with Mexico and have foundations in Laredo. The United Independent School District is the number one employer, with 6,073 employees, followed closely by Laredo Independent School District with 4,200 employees. The largest private sector employer was H.E.B. Grocery with 1,668 employees.
  • Neighborhoods Though there are lots of smaller neighborhoods in Laredo, and the larger areas often encompass them. In fact, there are dozens of smaller neighborhoods, some of which are industrial parks and green spaces, but getting to know Laredo means knowing the larger areas first, and then exploring distinctive districts on the ground. It is worth pointing out, there are several historical districts located downtown, but for these purposes they will be combined, as they are only a few blocks large. No matter where you end up, there are lots of choices for purchasing a home including buying or renting.