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  • With a population of 80,455, the city of Longview is located in the northeastern section of Texas, just north of the Sabine River. Longview was founded back in the 1870s by a man named Ossamus Hitch Methvin, Sr., who sold off 100 acres of land to the Southern Pacific Railroad for a dollar, in an effort to increase the land's value with the rail industry. Over 143 years later, that effort is still paying off. The economy in Longview is currently healthy and growing, despite the downturn felt by many other cities during the housing crisis. Some of the major sectors of the economy include oilfields as well as chemical companies, manufacturing and retail industries. Longview is sustaining the growth it's experiencing by choosing to foster industries that will grow and expand with current technology and an educated workforce.

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  • Housing StatisticsLongview has some great home prices! The current median home sale price is $116,600, so if you are looking for a sweet country town, this is your spot. Out of all homes in Longview, 56.5% are owned and the other 43.5% are rented. The vacancy rates for rentals are a low 3.6%, so you will not experience the quick turnaround of neighbors like what happens in bigger cities. The median rental price in Longview is an affordable $691 per month.
  • Local ShoppingShopping is a treat in this Texas town! There are many stores to browse while walking through the comfort of the air-conditioning in Longview's Mall. However, if you are looking to skip the national chain stores and go for something unique that distinctly says Longview style, Libby's Unique Boutique on Bill Owens Pkwy might just be to your liking. Another local favorite is Elite Repeats and Boutique on Gilmer Rd. This eclectic and chic little boutique has the latest fashions for women as well as unique gifts and accessories you won't find anywhere else. If these shops aren't upscale enough, you must visit CW Boutique on Center St. This shop specializes in more formal attire for men and women and is another local Longview favorite.
  • Local RestaurantsIf you happen be more of the foodie type, Lil Thai House on N. Fredonia Street is sure to satisfy your cravings! Pietro's Neighborhood has excellent pizza and Italian and is located on Gilmer Road. Since you are in Texas, try Bodacious BBQ over on 6th Street. You won't be sorry you did!
  • Longview NeighborhoodsHere are two Longview neighborhoods you should know about: