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  • Tucked in the southern tip of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley is McAllen, which celebrated its centenary in 2011. Known as the City of Palms because 40 varieties of the tree grow within its limits, McAllen is the largest city in Hidalgo County, which more than doubled in population from 1980 to 2007. Annual highlights, such as the Texas Square Dance Jamboree in February and Borderfest in March, are representative of both the city's vitality and its diverse culture.

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  • Housing Statistics If you're looking for a place in Texas to have a rental apartment, a home to rent, or a house to buy, begin your search in McAllen. It's estimated that almost one in 10 (9.35%) homes in McAllen are vacant, with many of these properties being available on a rent to own basis. The fact that the number of sales has dipped drastically, from 232 in Q1 2012 to 85 in Q1 2013 may mean that people hoping to sell their homes--the city has an annual residential turnover rate of 21%--could be open to tougher negotiations. However, despite dwindling sales, the median house price has kept steady at around $115,000. If you are looking for a rental house or a home to buy, McAllen is an affordable place to do so.
  • Tourist Attractions McAllen's best cultural tourist attractions pay homage to the city's history--take the Quinta Mazatlan, for example, which was built as a Spanish colonial mansion and is one of the largest adobe clay buildings in the state. Despite the grandeur of the building, it faced the threat of demolition before the city of McAllen purchased it and gave the property a new purpose--a way to educate the local community and visitors about the plants, birds, and environment of South Texas. Meanwhile, there are more things to learn at the International Museum of Art and Science, a Smithsonian Affiliate, located off of N Bicentennial Blvd. Usually museums firmly tell you that their exhibits aren't to be touched, but here you're encouraged to get hands-on with the science exhibits--one of which was designed by NASA--and learn by interacting with your environment. However, the artworks exhibited here are definitely not to be touched, so make sure you know when to keep your hands in your pockets!
  • Shopping Regarded as the best shopping destination in the Rio Grande Valley, there are over 40 shopping centers of various sizes in McAllen. La Plaza Mall on S Old 10 Street is the busiest and largest shopping destination in the city with a number of national anchor stores as well as more places to shop beyond the mall itself. Meanwhile, Palms Crossing off the U.S. 83 is another of the locals' favorite shopping centers, with 35 stores and restaurants. Downtown McAllen and Main St have a mix of wholesale items and high end clothes stores, which attracts thousands of shoppers every weekend.
  • Restaurants You might expect McAllen to be drowning in a sea of Mexican restaurants, but there's much more to the city once you've had your fill of fajitas and tacos. The Gulf of Mexico provides the city with delicious seafood--Joe's Crab Shack on E Expwy 83 is one of the local favorites. Every Texan needs a good steakhouse, of course, and McAllen doesn't disappoint. Whether you like your steak raw or cooked through, just the smell from the Sante Fe Steakhouse or the Patio on Guerra at S 17th St will be enough to get your mouth watering.
  • Weather and climate Like a lot of Texas, McAllen can quite accurately be described as hot and dry--average highs don't drop below 71 degrees Fahrenheit, even in winter, while at the height of summer it's not uncommon for the temperature to reach 100 degrees. Annual rainfall is a paltry 23 inches and March is particularly dry, with less than an inch of rainfall over the entire month. September's 4.4 inches seems like monsoon weather in comparison. Snow is even more infrequent, with only one instance of it falling in over 70 years.