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  • Waco, Texas, is a city of over 124,000 with a rich and interesting history. It is the original home of the Dr. Pepper company and is also known as the notorious site of the 1993 Branch Dividian stand-off. Waco is located about halfway between Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin and is a nice moderate size. There's always plenty to do and you have everything you need, but it still feels enough like a small town where you can really enjoy life. Like almost all of Texas, the economy and housing market in Waco are very strong. Waco's unemployment is below the national average and the area never suffered from the 2008 recession to the same extent that other parts of the country did. The housing market also avoided facing any significant slumps. When President George W. Bush spent time at his Texas ranch, Waco was the site of his White House Press Center for briefing the media. Waco has a good quality of life, whether you're the former leader of the free world or just an average Joe.

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Top Reasons to Live in Waco TX

  • Housing StatisticsThe housing market in Waco is very affordable. With a median price of $113,200, owning a home is within reach of many working families. Waco has more renters than the national average, with 48.47 percent of homes rented and 41.71 percent owned. This higher than average percentage of rental houses is great news if you want to avoid the headaches associated with ownership. However, if you do want to own a home and need non-traditional options, the widespread availability of rentals in Waco means that you can find alternatives such as rent to own homes. Since 9.81 percent of homes are vacant, your odds of finding one to meet your needs are very good.
  • Local EventsThere's always something fun to do in Waco. Texas is known for its Tex-Mex food, so why not check out the annual Margarita and Salsa Festival every August? You won't want to miss the Heart of Texas Wine and Food Festival and the Waco Cultural Arts Fest, either. You can also take in a show at the Ferrell Center at Baylor University or take the kids to the Waco Children's Theater. The city also hosts a lot of craft fairs.
  • Outdoor ActivitiesOutdoor activities are big in Waco. Temperatures rarely get below 40 degrees even in the coldest months, so there's no real winter to speak of. You can enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors, especially in the parks around the Brazos River that runs through the center of town. If you love boating, you can spend a day on the beautiful Lake Waco Marina. But if you prefer hiking, check out Mother Neff State Park or Cameron Park.
  • NeighborhoodsAs with most places, the quality of the neighborhood school district plays a big part in your property values. Additionally, it can really help with settling on the right neighborhood for you when moving. Those with kids in school - or just people who want to keep their property values high - will be thrilled to know that there are many very highly rated school districts in the Waco area.