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Top 4 Reasons to Live in Clearfield, UT

  • Clearfield is the third most populous city in Davis County, Utah behind neighbors Layton and Bountiful. It is a progressive community with a strong military base and some largest employers in the state, including Lifetime Products and Futura Industries Corporation. Its motto, "We've got it made," refers to its consistent development over the years as it blossomed into the primary transportation hub for the region and a major Freeport zone, home to 70 national and local companies.

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  • Leading sports and recreational center! The city boasts a state-of-the-art sports and recreational facility, unlike any other in the region. The Clearfield Aquatic Center located on South State Street is an indoor water park outfitted with hot tubs and features indoor running tracks, basketball courts, soccer court, gymnasium and more. Information on visitor's usage of the facility is handled by Clearfield City Hall, a few blocks away from State Street.
  • Lots of new affordable housing! The southern parts of the city offer some of the newest affordable homes, less than 17 years old. Townhouses near S. 1450 W. and Arcadian homes on S. 1650 E. are recent housing developments that include both rent to own homes and full mortgage payment homes. Excitingly, the city is ranked in the top 9% of homes renowned for their low property taxes, in addition to the community offering a median home value that is 29.3% less than Utah's average. It's safe to say home buyers are likely to find attractive houses that meet their budget.
  • Phenomenal house rental rates! Consumers get to enjoy a cost of living index 5.9% less in the city than Utah's average as well as low property taxes that have been passed on to rental rates for unbeatable price advantages. Apartments near Center St. and townhouses on N. Main St. show vacancy rates at 9%, which suggest that there are sufficient rental homes in the community for short-term renters. For long term stays, rent to own houses might offer the best of both leasing arrangements, with rent to own contracts intended for buyers who want a no-fuss mortgage plan.
  • Freshest farm produce! Farming in Clearfield laid the foundation for prosperity. Today, dozens of farmers markets spread throughout Davis County. Clearwater Farmers Market on South State Road downtown and Yuk and Reni Miya Market southwest of the town are arguably the best growers of onions, peppers, pumpkins, cantaloupes, melons and squash.