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Top 5 Reasons to Live in Cottonwood Heights, UT

  • Cottonwood Heights is only a suburban stone's throw away from the metropolitan mecca of Salt Lake City. The town broke away from Salt Lake City in 2004. During this transition it kept its own distinctive vibe. Cottonwood Heights is home to several corporate giants and a slew of options for outdoor activities. If you're considering a move to this thriving area, the next five reasons are sure to convince you to pack your bags.

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  • Canyons and mountains galore! Cottonwood Heights is not known as the city between the canyons for nothing. There are plenty of scenic canyons and mountainous sights to gaze upon. Don't forget Mountview Park, which offers spectacular mountain views as well as recreational spaces for basketball, soccer and water sports. Another fun neighborhood place to play is Crestwood Park. It's laced with hiking trails and there is a community pool as well.
  • Housing supply meets demand! There is a strong buyer's market in the community and getting a good deal on an ideal property is in the cards, whether you plan to buy outright or search for rent to own homes. The Ferguson Canyon neighborhood has some nice condos worth checking out. Houses near the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center offer easy access to fun activities.
  • Fun food and drink! The colorful Western past of the community lives today in places like the Porcupine Pub & Grill on Fort Union Blvd. and The Hog Wallow Pub up on East Big Cottonwood Canyon Road. For top-notch Sushi, visit Sushi Ya, also on Fort Union Blvd.Lone Star Taqueria is just a couple of blocks away and offers great Mexican casual fare.
  • Strong home value! The median home value in Cottonwood Heights is among the highest is the entire Salt Lake area. For late 2014, the median list price was over $700,000. Rent to own houses can be a good way to get in on the market. The neighborhood known as Little Cottonwood Creek Valley is an area of very nice homes on beautiful lots. Look near Bair Park in the east part of town for condo-style living.
  • Trek till you drop! Cottonwood Heights residents can take full advantage of the numerous trails and paths dedicated to those who want a physical challenge or just a leisurely stroll. Trails like Mount Olympus, Lone Peak, Cecret Lake and Elephant Rock await your exploration. This is an area known for outdoor recreation and living here puts you near it all.