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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Holladay, Utah

  • Incorporated in 1999 as Holladay-Cottonwood and shortened to simply Holladay only a month later, this small city in Utah has experienced tremendous growth over a relatively short period. With a current population of about 27,000, Holladay is situated in Salt Lake County, which affords residents convenient access to Salt Lake City. Though it was only recently incorporated as a city, Holladay happens to be the oldest continuously inhabited area in Utah.

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  • Rebuilding the Cottonwood Mall! When the Cottonwood Mall was originally constructed in the 1960s, it was the first indoor shopping mall in the state of Utah. In 2007, the mall was shut down when city officials announced a plan to convert it into an outdoor shopping mall. A variety of improvements are planned for the area, including more town homes and a diverse selection of shopping opportunities, especially in the Mount Olympus neighborhood.
  • Offers a great real estate selection! Though Holladay may not be the best place to find rent to own homes, it does offer a diverse selection of homes for sale to appeal to a variety of buyers. The style and price of homes can vary greatly, providing options for families or for single homeowners. Town homes are the most common housing options and the City Center neighborhood offers some of the lowest prices. The E3900 S neighborhood also has some affordable options.
  • Renting is a strong choice as well! With plans to build an abundance of new town homes, Holladay offers prospective residents plenty of homes for rent. These rental rates are competitive with the national average and less expensive than some of the more populated areas of Utah, making a strong choice for those who want a more affordable living situation. Linden Colonial offers some of the best prices, as does Hidden Meadows.
  • Become part of a tight knit community! The city of Holladay may have experienced tremendous growth after its initial incorporation, but it still maintains an attractive small town atmosphere. The annual Blue Moon Festival is a local favorite. The annual Salt Lake City Marathon is also held out of Holladay.
  • Get involved with Parks and Recreation department! Though Holladay is serviced by the larger Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation department, it still enjoys an active presence in the community. The Holladay Lions Fitness and Recreation Center offers all variety of workout and fitness opportunities. Additionally, it hosts the Jr. Jazz basketball team to help get youth involved in team sports.