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Top 3 Reasons to Live in Kearns, UT

  • Kearns is a community west of Taylorsville, Salt Lake City. Residents are dedicated to enriching their neighborhoods and are active in town planning programs. The city offers a rich history, recreational opportunities and numerous business prospects. Downtown boasts a sustainable design project, called the City Creek Center, which is an open-air shopping center with foliage-lined walkways, streams that intermingle with residential condos, townhouses and office buildings. The ambiance is welcoming to residents.

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  • High homeownership and occupancy rates! Eighty-two percent of residents are homeowners, and with a 1.9% vacancy rate, few are also willing to leave their nest after their investment. Although residents prefer to buy and stay in their homes, good housing sales are still happening in the market. The housing market has achieved a valiant 2.0% increase in inventory over the previous year, with several mixed categories of homes for the buyer. Homebuyers can purchase either detached houses or two-unit structures in sizes large and small. Financial payment plans for a mortgage may vary with the most hassle-free option existing within the rent to own framework. Areas in Midvale, West Jordan and White City, South Jordan may offer these opportunities.
  • Skate on the fastest ice surface on record! Several speed-skating records have been set at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns. This venue is believed to have the thinnest air of any such facility due to its unique architecture and high altitude. The Oval hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and soon earned a reputation as the fastest ice surface in the world. The facility is open to the public for recreational skating and competitive events. For more acrobatic events and to draw more visitors to the area, the Kearn's Skate/BMX Park was constructed near the Oval. The 24,000 sq. ft. terrain allows sports enthusiasts to participate in rollerskating, cycling, in-line skating and skateboarding, all through the seasons.
  • Lovely, high value homes at competitive prices! Residents enjoy a cost of living rate 3% lower than the state's average, which reflects nicely in home values. Some big contributors to home value include lower building costs and quality construction, along with peak demand. Many of the larger Arcadian homes off South Valley St. are fairly new constructions, built in the 1990s and 2000s. Homes near the Jordan River in Sandy also offer several affordable options, fitting a range of pockets. Not to be left out are older, well-constructed homes which are also in demand. They tend to attract discounted rates as much as 30% less with only minor home improvements necessary. Of course, rent to own homes are available options that can be a winner for both tenants and sellers given the contracts' inherent flexibility.