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  • Sandy, Utah, is technically a suburb of Salt Lake City, but it's considered one of the best places to live in the entire state. Sandy is perhaps best known for its RioTinto Stadium, a soccer-specific arena, but there is lots to do in Sandy for people of all ages, and it's also home to an excellent public school district. People come to Sandy to live because of its proximity to Salt Lake City, but find that the beautiful mountains provide a lovely backdrop for the place they call home. There are lots of housing options, including houses to purchase or rent to own homes.

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  • Housing in Sandy Living in Sandy can be expensive. The median price of a house at $257,000 is higher than the national average. The annual residential turnover is 17%, so while it can be hard finding the right housing option in your price range or financing choice (whether renting or buying), it isn't impossible to find new empty homes. The market is comprised almost entirely of single-family homes - there are currently almost 400 homes for sale - although there are less than a few dozen condos and townhouses available.
  • Local Events The Balloon Festival is a favorite of Sandy residents. It is a hot air balloon festival with sunrise launches, sunset launches, as well as an evening of entertainment and dining. To celebrate its own history, Sandy hosts the Heritage Festival annually. The event features classic cars, free food, and lots of entertainment. For holiday-specific revelry, Sandy hosts a Christmas celebration each year called Deck the Hall, when they light a large Christmas tree complete with a choir-led carol sing along. For the 4th of July, Sandy hosts a patriotic celebration where local businesses sell crafts and food from booths all day, building up to a parade through town.
  • Arts and Culture Festivals aren't the only place that art is showcased in Sandy, as the town is home to a thriving arts guild, which manages theater, music and children's art. The Sandy Amphitheater is a world-class venue for plays and musical theater, and the town is also home to Mountain West Ballet, a ballet company that performs throughout the year, and the American West Symphony, a professional symphony groups offering concerts covering a huge range of music.
  • Local Shopping and Restaurants Sandy is home to South Towne Center Shopping Mall, a traditional shopping mall with some of the country's best chain stores. Downtown Sandy has transformed into a shopping area for residents as well, with lots of recreational opportunities surrounded by local shops, restaurants and businesses. Restaurant options are not limited to downtown, however, but scattered throughout the area. Tiburon is a local favorite; it's a fine dining establishment, with innovative American cuisine and an upscale wine list. Market Street Oyster Bar is also one of the city's best upscale dining options. If you love fresh seafood, there's nowhere better in the area than Market Street. And even if you aren't a huge fan of oysters, you can find a huge range of menu options - like Maryland lump crab cakes and filet mignon. For more casual diners, eat like the locals do at Tsunami, a touted sushi place that offers extremely fresh fish at low prices. For straightforward, classic American breakfast food, you can't do better than Britton's, a local joint where you can order your steak and eggs for less than $10.