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Six Reasons to Move to South Ogden, Utah

  • First settled in 1848 by Mormon pioneers, South Ogden, Utah supports a population of over 16,000 residents and is a community in the Ogden-Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. Though once known as a farming community, the city's proximity to Hill Air Force Base led to a housing development boom in the 1940s, which led to the nickname "The City of Homes." Residential growth continues through the present due to the city's proximity to Salt Lake City and the many amenities close to home.

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  • Home prices are good! Now is a good time to invest in a rent to own property in South Ogden. The median home price for a house is $167,100, which is less than the national average. For the most reasonable home values, look in the City Center neighborhood, where you'll find the Chuck-A-Rama Buffet and Rancherito's Mexican Restaurant.
  • Property values continue to rise! Not only have houses in South Ogden appreciated more than 6 percent over the last twelve months, they have increased nearly 25 percent over the last ten years. If you're keeping score at home, that's twice the national average for home appreciation over the last decade. Vacancy is low overall in South Ogden, but you can find that one of a kind rental property if you look well in advance of your move. If you're going to find a vacancy, you're most likely to find it in the Washington Boulevard neighborhood, home of the Zucca Trattoria and the Fresh Market.
  • Proximity to Salt Lake City! South Ogden is only 40 minutes from Salt Lake City-the perfect location for a weekend getaway or even a commute to work. For entertainment, visit the Treehouse Childrens Museum or the Hill Aerospace Museum.
  • Enjoy green spaces close by! A total of seven parks keep South Ogden green and their pavilions can be reserved through the city's website for a reasonable fee. Take a hike in South Ogden's Nature Park or unleash the (friendly and vaccinated) hounds at the Dog Area off of Palmer Drive.
  • Reasonable cost of living! Ready to get more for your money? Try South Ogden. Coupled with the reasonable home prices, the property tax here is four dollars lower than the national average. The most expensive neighborhood, Uintah Highlands, has homes with a median price of $267,000. In this neighborhood, you'll find the Weber Aqueduct and Spring Creek.