Rent to Own Homes near Blacksburg, VA

8 Reasons to Live in Blacksburg, VA

  • Low Rental Rates! The average monthly rental rate for Blacksburg, VA is only $826 per month. These low rental rates make it possible for just about anyone to be able to afford rent to own properties in the area. Mount Tabor Meadows and Woodbine are a few of the great neighborhoods available.

Check out Blacksburg, VA homes for sale, and rent to own

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  • Let Your Inner Child Play! Enjoy a blast from the past during one of the many themed nights at Adventure World. You can enjoy roller skating, vintage video games and even laser tag. The classic roller world foods are available, including nachos, hotdogs and sodas. This will allow you to have hours of fun without having to travel to multiple locations.
  • Race to the Top! Enjoy rock climbing in a safe and fun way at Crimper's Indoor Climbing Gym. There are many different types of walls available to ensure that you are able to be challenged each time you come to the gym. It can be a great way to give your muscles a workout and have a bit of competition with your friends. Other workout venues include Anytime Fitness Blacksburg.
  • This is Not Your Typical Lazy River Ride! Enjoy a fun and exciting trip down the New River on a tubing excursion. Tube rentals are available from New River Junction, allowing you to see the beautiful Blacksburg scenery from a fun and exciting view. It takes just a few hours to travel the length of the river.
  • Numerous Homes Available! With over 500 homes for sale in Blacksburg, VA, over 40% of the homes are vacant. That provides quite the opportunity to find a great home at an affordable price. There are rent to own houses and houses for purchase in the area. New River Village and Wyatt Farm both have lovely homes available.
  • Rack 'Em! Enjoy a night of billiards at the Hokie House. It is a large bar that features two floors, both with full bars. The food is great and comedians put on shows on Wednesday nights. There are numerous pool tables available so that you never have to wait for a table. Other great nightlife can be found at Karaoke Konnection.
  • Go Back in Time with a Tour of a Colonial Home! Smithfield Plantation House was built in 1774. There are many artifacts available from the colonial era showing how people lived during that time. Tours run throughout the day to ensure that you are able to take it at a time that is convenient for you. Check out one of the talks from the Historic Lecture Series.
  • Steady Rise in Home Values! In the past eleven years, the value of homes in Blacksburg, VA has steadily risen. The average home is valued at $292,206, which is over a $100,000 climb in just a few years. That means that anyone that invests in a home or one of the rent to own homes available will more than likely see the value increase over the next few years. Carriage Hills and Oak Manor have both seen a steady rise in home value.