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Top 9 Reasons to Live in Danville

  • Beautiful Scenery! Danville is a great city located between Ringgold Providence North Carolina and Blairs Virginia. This is a highly sought after area since many of the properties are overlooking bodies of water like Fall Creek, Riverside and Sandy Creek.

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  • Good Italian Food! One thing that local residents love to enjoy is a nice night out on the town at one of Danville's many restaurants. There are multiple Italian restaurants here such as Joe and Mimma's Italian restaurant and Carini Italian Grill and pizza. Come in, get a slice for lunch, or order a beautifully grilled steak alongside a fresh tossed Italian salad.
  • Lots of Activities! Danville residents love to get out and be active, and why not, the area has so much to offer. If you like being active take a walk or bicycle up Danville River Trail Walk. If you need a little more adventure on your walk, try the guided tour through Danville with the Danville Historical Society's Guided Walking Company.
  • Easy to Get Around! Getting around the city is really easy. Although it is a highly walkable area, most locals take the Danville Mass Transit System (DMTS), which operates from 4 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday. However, should you choose to drive to the city it's easily accessible by Danville Expressway or the 86 freeway. It's also just a 15-minute drive from Danville Regional Airport.
  • Excitement Galore! Downtown Danville is like a mecca of excitement! Here you'll find museums and shops to pass the time away or spend a fun filled day at the Danville Science Center or Community Market.
  • Many Rent to Own Properties! Being that there's so much choice for property in this area, many new residents choose to rent to own instead of outright purchasing a property. Rent to own houses in Danville range from 2 bedroom 1 story brick homes, to 5 bedroom mini mansions sitting on several acres of land. The homes in this area are usually below market price, so rent to own options are quite desirable. Rentals begin at $575 per month and increase to over $1,200 per month.
  • Your Dream Home Lives Here! Since Danville has a lot of space, you'll most certainly find homes with large backyards, spacious front yards and homes within close proximity to local amenities such as grocery stores and small restaurants. According to City-Data, the average housing unit is priced at $84,884.
  • Perfect for Apartment Living! If you want to stay in an apartment while you look for a home in Danville, there are plenty to choose from. Many of these apartment complexes have patios or backyard, communal pools and even community centers for their residents. The average apartment costs $750 per month, although there are a few under this price range.
  • Fisherman's Wharf! No wonder there's so much fresh seafood here. Danville's waters are loaded with delicious bass, crabs and trout. If you really want to snag a good catch cast your pole in Sandy Creek or Dan River, but don't forget to get your fishing license first!