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  • On the southeastern end of the Virginia peninsula sits the city of Hampton. The population of Hampton is currently at 138,848, according to the 2012 US Census. Hampton was settled by colonists long ago in 1610, then incorporated as a town in 1705 and finally incorporated as a city in 1849. The 20th century has brought some of the country's most prestigious institutions to Hampton, such as the Virginia Air and Space Center, Langley Air Force Base and the NASA Langley Research Center. Not only does this wonderful city house some of the most dedicated companies and institutions in the country, but there are miles and miles of beaches and waterfront property to walk along and sunbathe on, depending on the time of year.

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  • Housing StatisticsThe median home sale price in the city of Hampton is $179,800. The median home value is a bit lower at $91,100 and the median price for rent is $603 per month. However, both are excellent when compared to the national averages if you are the buyer or renter. The housing market is recovering slowly in Hampton.
  • Local SportsIn Hampton, Virginia, sports plays a major role in the development its up and coming citizens, professionals and superstars. Old Dominion, a team which has never played a team from the Football Bowl Subdivision, are on their way to playing five this year! Football, basketball and baseball are a few favorite local sports every type of fan can appreciate and enjoy for themselves. Beginning early with local sports played in school, Hampton knows how to foster in its youth a deep appreciation for all things sports. Education and sports are complimentary to one another, and it is evident by the enthusiasm the locals show at any and all sporting and educational events!
  • Hampton School SystemHampton has an exceptional school system. Whether you prefer public or private, there are choices for all families who live within the city. There are 32 Hampton City public schools in all and another 25 in the Doe Sop Education Programs school district. There are also 2 New Horizons Career and Technology Center school districts within Hampton for those who chose a vocational / technology focus rather than a 4 year college. There are also numerous private institutions such as Bethel Christian School and Hampton Christian High school and many others. Parents and students need not worry about having enough choices of excellent schools in this beautiful city!
  • Hampton NeighborhoodsHere are three Hampton neighborhoods you should know about: