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8 Reasons to Live in Leesburg, VA

  • Kick Back and Relax in Nature! Listening to the Potomac River flow by as you enjoy a picnic on its banks will create an afternoon of absolute bliss. If adventure is what you seek, the Olde Izaac Walton Park is perfect for a day of beautiful sights and sounds that cannot be found anywhere else.

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  • Wine, Beer, and Good Times Await! Tuscarora Mill is one of the most highly celebrated restaurants in all of Leesburg, VA. The restaurant has a large variety of delicious meals and even offers special events to patrons. There are wine and beer tastings regularly to allow you to wet your whistle with new and exciting options in a casual setting. If that's right up your alley, add The Wine Kitchen to your list!
  • Higher Wages Mean Better Rent to Own Opportunities! The average household income in Leesburg VA rose from $68,861 in 2000 to $98,247 in 2011. With the income rising almost $30,000, that means there are many rent to own homes available with more easily-negotiable details. The Sky Meadows and Aylee Avenue neighborhoods have some beautiful homes for you to check out.
  • You Can Learn Cool Stuff! Natural History's Naturalist Center is filled with interesting specimens that anyone is sure to find intriguing. There are hands-on exhibits that allow you to do your own scientific exploration. Many lessons are taught at the center including a lesson where you will learn how to draw different scientific specimens. Visit the Loudoun Museum to see some more cool stuff!
  • Home Values Continue to Rise! The value of the average home in Leesburg has risen from $178,600 to $375,720 in the last 11 years. Homes in Battlefield Parkway or Fort Evans should continue to rise, giving you a great return on your investment should you choose to sell 10 or so years down the road.
  • Tea Time Anyone? Enjoy a lovely cup of tea in the Carriage House, while visiting the Oatlands Historic House & Gardens. The lush landscaping is manicured to perfection. The house has been home to many weddings and the gardens serve as the ideal backdrop for any photo. There is a guided tour available for you to be able to see everything the beautiful house has to offer. For another venture into nature, the 15-acre Legacy Park is ideal for anyone that loves the great outdoors.
  • Are You Ready to Rock? If so, the Talley Ho Theatre is the place to be! Numerous cover bands perform at a regular basis. You will be able to enjoy a night of fun and excitement without paying high costs or traveling too far. Check out Spanky's Shenanigan's for some good pub food afterwards.
  • Quality Home Listings! The average home in Leesburg sells for $399 900, which isn't exactly cheap, but the value for money is there! Keep your eyes peeled, and you could buy a 5 bedroom Georgian mansion in Trenton Circus for under $620 000, or a 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo in Radford for $315 000! Rent to own houses are also available in these trendy neighborhoods.