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Why Live in Linton Hall? Here Are 3 Good Reasons!

  • Linton Hall is a charming little town filled with many golf courses and a plethora of public parks that offer all kinds of activities and places to explore. The Manassas National Battlefield Park is not just a gorgeous place to stroll through; it's also the site of the Civil War's first clash. The Conway Robinson Memorial State Forest is a wonderland for nature lovers, who can do everything from bird watching to mountain biking. After checking out everything the parks have to offer, you can swing by BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse. It's one of the locals' favorite spots to stop in for a beer and a bite to eat in the neighborhood.

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  • Home values rising! Linton Hall has seen a steady increase in appreciation for homes over the last 10 years. It's a desirable place to live for many reasons, including its beautiful setting and proximity to the D.C. and Arlington-Metropolitan areas. The vacancy rate in Linton Hall is 2.5 percent, which might make your search a little more difficult, but it's obviously worth it since so many people loveit here. The Virginia Gateway Shopping Center and the Heritage Village Plaza, which have enough great shopping that you won't need to make the trip to D.C. unless you want to! Knowing that nabbing a house for sale or rent to own house is going to pay off down the road makes the deal even sweeter!
  • Super low property taxes! The property taxes here are lower than the average rate in the United States, which is even more incentive to start looking for a place in this area. The median real estate property tax in 2012 was 1 percent, compared to the national average of 3.6 percent. The small, peaceful neighborhoods near Linton Hall School are a popular choice because they're close to the Safeway grocery store and also located conveniently off the main drag, Linton Hall Road. If you want more direct access to Interstate 66, however, check out some of the apartments a little further north.
  • Home to beautiful golf courses! There are many reasons to love this part of the country, but golfers will find that nothing compares to the number and quality of golf courses right in and around Linton Hall! Virginia Oaks Golf Club is a beautiful course that many pros love to play. Stonewall Golf club neighbors it to the west and is one of the most picturesque courses in the country, with views of the stunning Lake Manassas. Head south and you'll find Prince William Golf Course, home to some of the best greens in the state!