Rent to Own Homes near McLean, VA

Top 10 Reasons to Live in McLean

  • Live the James Bond life! You don't have to be British to be a secret agent in McLean. Instead, take a tour of the CIA building, or practice spying on birds through binoculars along the Potomac River.

Check out McLean, VA homes for sale, and rent to own

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  • A variety of housing options! If you're beginning that search for rent to own houses, you are in luck. McLean offers many one, two, three, and even four bedroom or larger rent to own options. It is one of the best cities in the area to discover excellent rent to own homes. You can look into neighborhoods near McLean's attractive downtown area for apartments and additional housing options. In the Swinks Mill Area, there are delightful parks - Timberly Park and Bull Neck Stream are two beauties.
  • Green, natural beauty! The Scotts Run Nature Preserve offers acres upon acres of natural beauty. Or, you can always check ou the Mount Daniel School Park for a great place to fly a kite on a hot summer day or have a lovely picnic.
  • Shopping! Tyson's Corner Galleria has many chain stores and boutique shops; great shopping is what you might expect from a town that has a street called Shoptysons Blvd.
  • Architecture everywhere! There is a lot of beautiful architecture -the main building for the CIA Headquarters has a spiral glass design perfect for picture taking, and a beautiful flower garden to brighten your day anytime. Or enjoy the fine older homes along Dolly Madison Blvd.
  • Community is key! The town isn't too big, but it also isn't too small. The population at the time of the last census was at about 48,000 people strong. You will have plenty of neighbors and new friends to meet once you find the rent to own houses that suit you best. Choose from the tree lined streets of Potomac Hills or the service oriented sector around Tyson's Corner.
  • Awesome nature! There are so many pleasant waterways to explore in McLean, ranging from the Pimmit Run to the Bull Neck Stream.
  • Beautiful homes amidst exciting culture! Explore the Claude Moore Memorial Farm and the lovely Langley Forest neighborhood right along the banks of the Potomac River. Here you'll find medium to large sized homes your family will enjoy with stellar views within walking distance.
  • Beautiful streets! A nice mix of owners and renters are a part of Mclean Manor and the Bryn Mawr section of McLean. This tree filled community is known for Kent Gardens Park right in the heart of it.
  • Convenient transportation! Mclean is near enough to Dulles International Airport to hop a quick flight, and commuters have easy access to the Capitol Beltway and George Washington Memorial Parkway for a fast trip into near by Washington, D.C.