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Top 14 Reasons to Live in Reston, VA

  • High rankings! Reston was ranked #7 on CNN Money "Top 100 Places to Live" in 2012, and Sperling's Best Places rates it number one in their "Best Cities for Teleworking- Extra Large Metro Areas," and "Most Secure Large Cities in the US."

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  • Lots of work! Reston's unemployment rate is just 4% (while the US average hovers between 8 and 9%.) Recent job growth is positive and the projected job growth for the next ten years is 40%. ComScore and VeriSign are two major companies headquartered in Reston.
  • Planned urban development! As a PUD community, Reston has lots of parks, green spaces, all-purpose trails and other recreational facilities. Part of the urban planning also made sure that it is a very walkable area. Lake Fairfax Park is a great place to take a morning stroll.
  • Recreation galore! With more than 60 miles of paved paths, 50 tennis courts, 15 swimming pools, 24 soccer and baseball fields, Walker Nature Center, and lots of summer recreation and youth sports programs, there is always something to do. Reston Community Center offers swimming lessons for every age group.
  • Housing mix! Reston has a mix of housing types and rent to own is available--24% are single family detached homes, 32% are attached condos or row houses, 43% are apartments or complexes and a very small fraction are mobile homes. Check out some of the offerings on Sunrise Valley Dr. or Edgemere Cir.
  • New housing units! Nearly all of Reston's housing units have been constructed since 1970; 78% between 1970 and 2000, and 11% from 2000 onward. This offers relatively new housing to those who wish to buy rent to own houses, and you can find some of these homes on Grooms Ct. and Fairway Dr.
  • Entertainment options! If you like live theater, the Reston Community Players mount four stage productions each year. If it's music you're after, the Lake Ann Plaza hosts free concerts during the summer months.
  • Two major libraries! The Reston Regional Library serves the community with more than 215,000 volumes. But Reston is also home to the United State Geological Survey Library that houses government documents and is open to the public.
  • Home values are rising! The median cost for a home in Reston is $394,000, with 75% of them valued at $200,000 and above, and the home values continue to rise. In fact, over the last ten years home values have risen by 47%. Rent to own homes are available, but be prepared for competition in the bidding. You might be able to find some good deals on Autumn Ridge Cir. or Lake Newport Rd.
  • Healthy city! The city is rated 100 out of 100 for Superfund sites and cleanup efforts. It also has a high rating for healthcare, well over the national average for doctors per capita. Reston Hospital Center is one of many medical facilities located here.
  • Lots of available rental property! For those moving to Reston, finding a place to live will be pricey (median rent is upwards of $1,500 per month), but there is ample availability. Rental homes are 33% of the total housing units, and another 5% is vacant. You can find some of these homes on Town Center and Hunter Mill Rd.
  • Low crime rate! Living in Reston, Virginia is comparatively safe; the FBI crime data says your possibility of being a victim of crime in Reston is just 1 in 61. These statistics show that the violent crime rate is much lower than the national average. Meadowville Ct. and Baron Cameron Ave. are particularly safe.
  • Bargain housing can be found! Do not let the median pricing for homes and rental properties alarm you, as there are bargains to be found in Reston. A quick check on Zillow found several 2 bedroom apartments and townhouses under $1,000 in pleasant complexes. You can find some of these homes on Cameron Crescent Dr. and Becontree Lake Dr.
  • Take the train! A brand new section of the Metrorail opened in 2013 and connects Reston with the Washington, DC area, making the commute much easier. This should also alleviate some of the traffic congestion in Reston and northern Virginia in general.