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Top 4 Reasons to Move to South Riding, VA

  • Northern Virginia is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic areas of the country, with new residents moving to the region every day to take advantage of the strong economy. South Riding, located just outside of the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area, is one of the region's jewels. A planned community of just over 24,000, South Riding has beautiful neighborhoods, exciting amenities, and a strong school system.

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  • Great for commuters! South Riding is perfectly situated to give residents easy access to all major economic centers in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D. C. region. South Riding is situated right on Virginia Highway 50. From there, commuters have access to offices in Tysons Corner, Arlington, Alexandria, and other areas. Residents can also avoid traffic by taking commuter rail or the Metro. The recently completed Silver Line has stops near South Riding with parking for commuters. South Riding also has a Carpool Rideshare for resident commuters.
  • Join an active community! Everyone who buys a home in South Riding automatically becomes a member of the South Riding Community Association. This grants access to a huge variety of amenities and activities, including tennis courts, three swimming pools, a fishing pier, basketball courts and more. Association members also compete in the Holiday House decorating competition.
  • Wide variety of available real estate! As South Riding is a planned community, developers have anticipated the needs of many potential residents. Rather than just homes or just townhouses, home buyers have plenty of options. The town's booming real estate market ranges from updated townhouse with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances to starter homes on smaller lots to palatial homes on large, rolling acre-plus estates. With home prices currently on a slight decline - dropping 3.2 percent from August to November - now is a great time to shop. South Riding is one of the best residential locations in the Northern Virginia area, and all homes are near the quaint Rangoli's Indian Restaurant, a bonus.
  • Appreciating home prices! Northern Virginia is one of the country's booming regions and at 3.2 percent, it has the lowest unemployment rate of any major metro region, which all translates into strong real estate growth. Last year, homes in South Riding increased in value at a rate of 7.3 percent, and this trend looks to continue as more companies and jobs move to the region. Rent to own shoppers can take comfort in the strong market, especially when considering the amenities that come with the community.