Rent to Own Homes near Vermont

Top Reasons Why Vermont is a perfect place to buy a Rent to Own

  • Snow! If you love the white stuff, there are practically six months of the year guaranteed to wrap your world in a glistening winter wonderland. Cross-country ski at the Brattleboro Country Club, go snowshoeing or ski jump at Harris Hill. There's also downhill skiing at Mount Snow and ice fishing. If you love snow sports, you'll love Vermont.
  • Close to Major Cities! It's a two-hour drive to Boston, three to New York City and five to Philadelphia. All the charm of a remote mountain wilderness lifestyle is within easy reach of these main cities. Catch the Amtrak Vermonter straight to Washington D.C.
  • Festivals! Vermont has tons of these--Marlboro Music Festival, Keene Pumpkin Festival, Dummerston Apple Festival, Brattleboro Literary Festival, Roots on the River, Barnaby's Bluegrass, Brattstock Music Festival, Newfane Heritage Festival, Yellow Barn Music Festival, the Vermont Balloon and Craft Festival in Shelburne and Oktoberfests. Live music and summer concerts also take place in many towns. All year round, there is something to celebrate no matter what area you live in.

Check out over 300 Vermont rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 14 Reasons to Live in Vermont

  • Boutique Shopping! Throughout the state, you'll find antiques, crafts, books and artisan food stores selling everything from local maple syrup to cheese and fresh apple cider. Vermont has lots of great farmers markets, so it's a cinch to eat healthy.
  • Beer! Vermont has McNeill's Brewery, Hill Farmstead Brewery, Prairie Artisan Ales, and Goose Island Beer. Microbreweries are everywhere. The apricot-flavored fruit beer from Magic Hat is one of the most widely known, but there are dozens more to try. Heady Topper from The Alchemist is only sold in Vermont.
  • Hiking! The Green Mountain state offers unlimited hiking trails for easy family days out or for hiking up to the top of Mount Mansfield. Fire towers in Mount Olga and Spruce Mountain state parks afford spectacular views. Of course, there is also kayaking, mountain biking, swimming and camping.
  • House Prices! The median house price is $233,300, which compares very favorably to neighboring New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
  • Homes to Rent! If it's a rental you are seeking, Vermont has a huge selection ranging from a single home from $550 a month in Colchester to a wide variety of condos. At the top end of the market, find a four-bedroom in Ludlow for thousands per month. There are also rent to own homes in the state.
  • Architecture! Vermonters are very keen on green and sustainable buildings and owe a debt of gratitude to the inherited Adirondack-style shingle homes, which the original settlers built. These beautiful homes are ripe for restoration and cottages, cabins and barns all lend themselves to adaptation and improvement. Timber frames, gable forms, stone foundations and diamond-paned windows are common and mighty attractive features.
  • Education! In addition to the excellent University of Vermont, the state has the reputation of spending the most per child in primary education, at $15,000 each, and also boasts the lowest teacher to child ratio.
  • Real Estate Values! These continue to hold above the national average. Vermont's consistent popularity for vacation and second homes has kept the market from dropping. Demand continues to be strongest for properties in or near Burlington. Northeast Kingdom reported a very busy winter and a peak in buyer confidence.
  • Third Highest Minimum Wage! Vermont now pays $8.46 an hour to minimum wage earners. Tipped employees must have their wages topped up if they fail to make the minimum. Vermont is one of only 10 states that connect the minimum wage to rises in the Consumer Price Index.
  • Fall! Autumn here is staggeringly beautiful. The famous russet and gold foliage is so stupendous that it has now become a fixture on people's "bucket lists" from all over the world. Locals suggest traveling on the back roads or perhaps taking to the water in a canoe to appreciate the marvels away from the crowds. Every year, the conditions will vary according to prevailing climate and temperatures, so there is no definite right time to go. The colors will carry on unfolding as the autumn progresses. Ask at a village store for directions to secret beauty spots.
  • The Scenery! Vermont offers everything, from the arcadian paradise of its downtown farmlands and rolling hills and orchards to historic villages, grand mountain hikes with waterfalls and rippling views, wine tours and forests. There is even a marble trail that leads through the geological marvel of the marble corridor, which runs through western Vermont.