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3 Reasons to Move to South Burlington, VT

  • South Burlington is a town of 15,814 residents located on the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain and it forms the southern section of the Burlington Metropolitan Area. The area was first granted township status by New Hampshire in 1763 before Vermont declared independence. It is home to Vermont's only international airport, which offers scheduled flights to Montreal, Toronto, and a number of major US cities. Plus, it is close to Ben & Jerry's and the Magic Hat Brewery!

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  • Visit the Magic Hat Brewery! Companies such as Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Green Mountain Coffee originally put Vermont on the map for high quality food and drink products. If Willy Wonka brewed beer, he would probably come up with something very similar to The Magic Hat Brewery. It is located in South Burlington on Bartlett Road, easily accessible via Shelburne Road. The brewery offers free guided tours every day of the week and also includes an excellent gift shop that stocks their full range of beers. One of the interesting things about South Burlington is that it is home to some major employers such as CommutAir, which is headquartered at Burlington International Airport and Ben & Jerry's Homemade located on Community Drive.
  • Home values rising fast! Given its stunning location and abundance of nearby activities, it should come as no surprise that South Burlington's median real estate prices have doubled over the past 12 years rising to just over $272,000 compared to $181,000 which is the national average. Prospective buyers can therefore feel safe knowing that home values seem set to continue rising. In the past year alone median sale prices have risen by 6 percent in South Burlington. The town is growing in popularity thanks to diverse housing stock and attractive neighborhoods such as Butler Farms and Dorset Farms as well as a wide range of employment opportunities.
  • Affordable rents! Despite the high house prices in South Burlington, median rents remain surprisingly affordable. For those unable to afford a mortgage deposit upfront or are more interested in testing the waters before committing to permanent residence, this makes rent to own a very tempting proposition. Although median rents are above the Vermont and national average at around $1,128 per month, they need to be seen within the context of the town's real estate prices.