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10 Reasons to Live in Richland, Washington

  • Great value in local communities! Richland property is 34% less expensive than the median price in Washington State. The Alphabet Homes neighborhood in the center of the city, and Horn Rapids toward the north are good areas to look for rent to own houses.

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  • The number of listings is rising! A new home in Richland is generally around 1,200-2,200 square feet, with ample amenities. Rent to own homes offer a great way to get settled in sunny Richland, especially with a 6.81% vacancy rate.
  • Small-town feel! Richland is small enough to be a close-knit community, and large enough to have pretty much all you need in nearby services. Prices of new homes around Brantingham Heights and WestCliffe are down from last year, but are forecasted to increase as summer approaches. Buy in and join the 67.51% of owners in Richland!
  • A stable market that's growing! For sale by owner properties are often great options when looking for rent to own opportunities in Richland. Columbia Point and Alphabet Homes are just two of some 20 neighborhoods with stable communities.
  • Bring the golf clubs! You won't want to miss golfing in Richland's excellent climate. The Columbia Point Golf Course, designed by James J. Engh, is a par-72, 18-hole course that is moderately challenging. Horn Rapids Golf Course, north of Richland, is a par-72, 7,000-yard target course geared toward experienced golfers.
  • Dine out tonight! Anthony's at Columbia Point offers a spectacular view of Richland's Marina Park and the Columbia River. And for the less formal preferences, the Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery provides table games, casual meals and an eclectic selection of craft beers. Enjoy a nice dinner after you find your rent to own home.
  • Experience the music and art of Richland! The Tumbleweed Music Festival, sponsored by the Three Rivers Folklife Society, is presented every year in August. The Allied Arts Association's Art in the Park festival is presented every year in July at the Howard Amon Park.
  • Try the Tri-Cities' wine bars! Cynergy Cafe is well known for its sponsored wine tastings and wine country events. Tagaris Taverna Wine Bar, offers wine pairing and provides both indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Take a trip to the farmers market! There are several farmer's markets that open seasonally in Richland. The Market at the Parkway is open every Friday from June through October. The Northwest Regional Food Hub sponsors an open market on Fridays as well.
  • Stop by a few of the area's 160 wineries! Tri-Cities wineries aren't just for sampling excellent vintages. Many of them sponsor live music and performances by top artists. But then, the wine shouldn't be passed up, either. Two wineries located near Richland are Purple Star Wines and Stonecap and Monson Estates. For guided tours of more than one winery, Brix and Bitter offers tours by region, or stop by the Tri-City Visitor's Bureau for a list of all 160.