Rent to Own Homes near Sammamish, WA

  • Highly educated population! More than 71% of the people living in Sammamish have a Bachelor's degree or higher, which is more than double that of the state of Washington's average. This results in a lot of purchasing power, and rent to own homes are especially popular.

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10 Reasons to Live in Sammamish, Wa

  • Opportunities to get out into nature! Situated right on the shores of beautiful Lake Sammamish, residents have plenty of opportunities to go out and picnic, row, and just enjoy nature. And with plans to turn the nearby East Lake Sammamish Trail into a paved route suitable for biking and walking, there will be even more opportunities to have fun outdoors.
  • High occupancy rate! In Sammamish, once people arrive, they like to stay. More than 90.7% of people have remained in their homes for over a year, up from the overall state average. And with 89% of those owning their homes, Sammamish makes itself the place to be for settling down. With that said, it can sometimes be difficult to find a vacant house. When one appears, speak to the owner about rent to own options. Consider a place on Issaquah Pine Lake Road or on off of 228th Avenue.
  • Active arts community! The Sammamish Arts Commission consistently promotes local art and hosts events for residents to get involved with the artistic community. One of these events is the Make it a Clay Day event, where local students and teens work in a sort of mentorship with each other to create clay sculptures. Free events such as this one are common in Sammamish.
  • High property values! The people of Sammamish take their homes seriously, and this is reflected in the high property values in the area, more than 50% than the overall state average. These values are due to the number of highly educated residents and the high average per-capita income in the area. Exceptional properties can be found on 235th Place and 259th Court.
  • Reasonable commutes! The average commute is just around 29 minutes from home to work - slightly higher than the state average, but completely worth it for the gorgeous scenery and natural beauty of the area. Most people face longer commutes heading from Timberline or Plateau, as these have higher population counts than other neighborhoods.
  • Rising home values! The value of homes continues to increase in the area, up 9.7% over the last year. Rent to own houses on streets such as 14th Street or 13th Way can also provide a more cost-effective option.
  • Fantastic cuisine! After a long day of work, nothing is better than settling down at the Malt and Vine for a cold brew or a glass of wine. Also check out the Three Lions Pub, a British-themed bar with tasty choices and old-world charm.
  • Great comedic entertainment! If you want a good laugh, head over to the Palmers East Karaoke Bar. Sit back, relax and watch the amateur talent rock the stage. You could even try it yourself if you wanted! Another option is the SoulFood CoffeeHouse, where an open mic night is held each week for those who want to overcome their stage fright.
  • Shops catering to the outdoors! If you like to get out and explore the scenery around Sammamish, there are plenty of shops that carry all the equipment you'll need to do so. Plateau Runner is the place to go for running shoes and gear, while Gerk's Ski and Cycle can get you outfitted with a bike.