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6 Reasons to Live in Beckley, West Virginia

  • Occupying 9.5 square miles of land, Beckley sits in Raleigh County, West Virginia and was first founded in 1838. The city was named after John James Beckley, who was the first librarian of Congress, and was founded by his son Alfred. Initially, the town was often mocked because it only existed on paper, with no actual residents to call it home. When Raleigh County was founded in 1850, this changed and the current population is about 17,500.

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  • An easy city to travel! Getting in and out of town is very easy for residents of Beckley, West Virginia. In addition to the well-designed road system, residents can access the Amtrak rail system that travels three times each week. Beckley is also home to the Beckley Raleigh County Memorial Airport, which receives service from United Airlines and holds regular flights in and out of the city.
  • Visit some of the local tourist attractions! Though most small towns see little in the way of attractions, Beckley enjoys two major tourist spots that residents can enjoy whenever they please. The Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine has daily tours available and teaches the history of early coal mining in the country. Another place to stop is Tamarack, which exhibits Appalachian arts and crafts.
  • Real estate prices you can afford! For the most part, cities in West Virginia offer homes for sale that are well below the national average. Beckley is no exception to this rule, and with hundreds of options out there it makes it easy for new residents to find something that fits their needs. If you would prefer, there are also plenty of rent to own homes on the market. Both the East Beckley and Wickham neighborhoods offer great options for those looking for a great value.
  • Rentals are even more competitive! If you like the price you see on a house for sale, then you will love the rental options in Beckley. Rental units are priced well below the national average and offer exceptional amenities. Pikeview Manor Apartments offers a great range of units. Alternatively, Turnison Apartments is also a nice complex to check out.
  • Enjoy the local park efforts! Beckley's Parks and Recreation Department maintains close to a dozen separate parks. Places like New River Park and Freedom Park are great for gatherings and a relaxing day. If you want some competition, you can check out the tennis courts on Ewart Avenue.
  • Get some fresh air! Aside from the beautiful trails and picturesque views offered by the local Grandview State Park, residents of Beckley have plenty of opportunities to get outside. The Theater West Virginia offers locals a place to enjoy a show while getting fresh air.