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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Fairmont, WV

  • First established under another name in 1820, the area was rechristened in 1843 as Fairmont. This town has felt the influence of railroad, lumber, and coal mining industries, but the most defining attribute of this city is that it created West Virginia's favorite treat. West Virginia has identified the pepperoni roll as the state food, and it was invented right here in Fairmont. Natural beauty and museums round out the city which serves as the seat of Marion County.

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  • State parks! Fairmont is home to two popular state parks. Prickett's Fort State Park features historical recreation of the original 1774 Pricket's Fort and reenactments of life on the frontier during that time. Fairmont is also home to Valley Falls State Park and its scenic waterfalls, hiking trails, and picnic areas.
  • Home of pepperoni rolls! West Virginia is known for its pepperoni rolls, and the Country Club Bakery was the first to make this favorite treat, although there is some dispute over the exact year. Colasessano's Pizza is another spot to find this tasty snack in the city dubbed the Pepperoni Capital of the World.
  • Visit a winery! Heston Farm is Fairmont's own winery and distillery. Visitors can taste the wine, attend the Courtyard Concerts in May, and relax in the Piano Lounge. Heston Farm's Pinchgut Hollow Distillery produces the country's only buckwheat whiskey.
  • Great place to buy! About 66 percent of properties are owner-occupied, showing that this is a popular place to purchase a home. Those not quite ready to buy should consider rent to own homes. When searching for a house, consider popular properties along the Monongahela River or Whiteday Creek.
  • Affordable real estate! The median home price in Fairmont is $86,400, which is 11 percent cheaper than the state median and 52 percent more affordable than national real estate median values. Such great prices means there's more money to spend on a new set of golf clubs for a round at the Fairmont Field Golf Course or Green Hills Country Club.
  • Have fun! There are a range of opportunities to get out and have fun in Fairmont. Friendly competition and time outdoors can be found at Coal Country Miniature Golf. Smartphone addicts will get a blast from the past at the Telephone Museum which showcases the history of the phone and its many forms.