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11 Reasons to Move to Casper, WY

  • Trees Welcome, Weeds Not Allowed! Casper loves its trees, encourages residents to plant more, maintains city-owned specimens and even operates a "Virtual Arboretum" to show the benefits, characteristics and varieties of trees. But don't let your weeds and dandelions grow to a height of eight inches or more, or you run the risk of a citation and a fine!

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  • Blue Sky and Lots to Do! Wyoming is filled with open space, big vistas and blue sky. You can ski at Hogadon Ski Area, fish in one of several reservoirs or ride out into the open spaces just to look at the sky and the mountains. The city also features 42 parks, including the Casper Skate Park, for enthusiasts of wheeled entertainment.
  • It's a Typo! Casper sits at the foot of Casper Mountain, at the north end of the Laramie Range, just east of the site of Fort Caspar, and the North Platte River runs through it. It was established because of the railroad after the fort was closed, but it's spelled differently because it was registered as a mistake.
  • It's Energetic! Casper has had refineries since its early days as an oil center, and one still operates nearby today (aptly named Casper Refinery). Also, uranium (through companies such as Uranerz Energy Corporation) and coal have reinforced Casper's status as a regional energy-producing area. It is also a banking and commerce center.
  • Investment Opportunities! With an elevation at more than 5,000 feet, the air is clear and the winters are cold, but real estate investment remains hot, with an average listing price of $126,600 as of March 2014. Rent to own property is available. Popular neighborhoods include River Park and Lake Ridge Estates, as well as Reshaw Addition and Prairie Park.
  • Thriving Economy! Unemployment in Casper is only 5.7%, and job growth is expected to exceed 40% over the next decade. With an median household income of $57,200, the area is great for employees of local businesses looking to live near their work.
  • Yellowstone! The great-grand daddy of national parks isn't too far away. Plan a trip to Old Faithful Lodge, wander through the park and then take the north route through Cody, the epitome of old West frontier towns, before returning to Casper in the middle of the state.
  • It's Not Disneyland! There aren't a lot of tourist attractions here; instead, the outdoors provide most of the entertainment. Gain a new appreciation for the wilds of Wyoming with a visit the Tate Geological Museum. When your hunger for knowledge turns to hunger for food, enjoy a steak at either Poor Boy's Steakhouse or The Firehouse.
  • In Town or Not. In Casper, you can choose to live in town on lots as small as 6,000 feet or you can locate outside of town on a multi-acre estate. Log cabins are popular and practical. There are some older rent to own houses in town, as well as small-unit apartment complexes such as The Preserve at Greenway Park or Foxhill Apartments, with convenient access to shopping and business centers.
  • Four Golf Courses. If you don't mind a little summer wind, you'll love playing golf on these courses. You can join your foursome for breakfast at Sherrie's Place before heading out to the greens or play your game first and then meet for brunch at Eggingdon's.
  • Property taxes are low! Housing prices, even for rent to own homes, are reasonable, and there is no state income tax. With property tax at .6%, it's no wonder people are settling down in neighborhoods such as Red Butte or Paradise Valley.