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Top 14 Reasons to Live in Cheyenne, WY

  • Low property taxes! If you decide to buy a home here, you'll like the fact that the property taxes are only $1249 annually. Compare this with the national average of about $1700, and you'll see it's a steal. Check out the real estate in the Horsecreek and Farthing area.

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  • Affordable rent! Whether you choose to rent or rent to own in Cheyenne, you should know that the average rent is about $662 per month. That's about $150 less than the national average. Look for homes near Sunrise Hills Drive and Ridge Road.
  • Amazing home appreciation! If you are looking for houses for sale or rent to own homes, you will enjoy the appreciation rate of 3.5%, which is about double the national rate. Start your search in Ranchettes or Orchard Valley.
  • Impressive vacancy rate! The vacancy rate of 6% means homes here are pretty desirable. This is good news when it comes time to sell or rent out your home. Even now, there's some good news, since almost half of those vacant homes are for rent. You will find rentals and rent to own houses near Central Avenue and West 8th Avenue.
  • Varied housing types! Whether you need to find a large home for sale or prefer to rent a smaller property, you can get what you need here. For example, some of the apartments in Cheyenne include Parkview and Sundance -- renter's make up 35.78% of the market so it's best to jump on any rental quick!
  • Parks of all sizes! There are tons of community parks in this city, each with some neat features. Holliday Park has space for residents to play horseshoe, basketball, volleyball and tennis. If you don't feel like being athletic for the day, check out Lions Park, where you can go boating or feel free to admire the botanical gardens.
  • Great shopping! The main place to shop in Cheyenne is Frontier Mall. Here you will find everything from Buckle and Dillard's to GNC and Gamestop.
  • Golf courses! Whether you're advanced or just a beginner in the sport of golf, you will enjoy working on your swing at Kingham Prairie View Golf Course or Airport Golf Course.
  • Tons of restaurants to choose from! No matter type of food you feel like eating today, you can likely find it in this city. Some of the most casual places to eat include the Bread Basket, Taco John's and Paramount Cafe. If you need a place for a special night out, head to Steamboat Steakhouse or Tortilla Factory.
  • Movie theaters! If you're in the mood for a movie, check out Frontier 9 Theater or Capital City Digital Cinemas. If you are on a budget and want to see a movie that was released a few months ago, you can head to Lincoln $ Saver for cheaper tickets.
  • Indoor activities! Anyone in this city can join the local YMCA, which has fitness equipment and classes for all ages. If you just want a more subtle, fun workout, you can go bowling at 2 Bar Bowling Lanes Restaurant and Lounge. This place also lets you chow down on decent food, sing karaoke and generally just chill with your friends.
  • Outdoor scenery to admire! Clear Creek Park features a picturesque pond and plenty of room for people to run around. You can also check out Cheyenne Botanic Gardens on Lions Park Drive if you want another scenic view.
  • The arts! If you're a fan of art, try out the Art Tour, which takes you to various galleries around the city so you can get a close look at artwork and even talk to artists. If you prefer performance art, get a look at the Atlas Theatre, which was built in 1887 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • The Wild West! You're in the Wild West now, and you'll know it when you check out Terry Bison Ranch or the Bit-O-Wyo Ranch. You can also get a glimpse of the Big Boy Steam Engine at Holliday Park; the Big Boy is the largest steam locomotive in the world, and there are only eight left in the country.