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Top 4 Reasons to Love Gillette, WY

  • A booming economy, clear skies, and beautiful local scenery makes Gillette one of the most popular places to live in Wyoming. A major center for the development of Wyoming's rich natural resources, Gillette offers a fascinating local environment, a semi-arid climate and a rapidly expanding population that make Gillette a center of activity in the region. The Wyoming Center hosts the region's big-ticket entertainment, and the Gillette-Campbell County Airport offers flights to and from Wyoming's growing star.

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  • Great property values! Gillette has a variety of real estate options, largely due to the rapidly expanding population of the city. With a median property value of $194,819, houses are not only widely available, but come at a great value. Homes near the city's Gillette College are in high demand, and the peaceful atmosphere near the college is representative of the town's quintessential American feel. Not to mention that the Mayor's Art Council is constantly working with local artists to beautify areas around the town with their Avenues of Art program.
  • Competitive sports and nightlife abound! Gillette's Wyoming Center is the regional hub for athletic competitions. Seating 9,000, this massive arena hosts a range of sporting events and entertainment functions, including concerts and performing art shows. The Fireside Lounge is a popular destination for a relaxing night out on the town. Gillette's downtown district is home to many bars, lounges and clubs, and even a 1920s Speakeasy tucked away on a side street.
  • Restaurants to fit every craving! Gillette's population has increased by 46 percent since 2000, and the city has more than kept pace with the growth in the town's population. Gillette has a wonderful selection of food options. Locals are sure to recommend the Chophouse Restaurant, a place that many consider the best place for steaks in the area. The city is also boasts almost all the most common fast food restaurants, including McDonald's, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and five Subway locations.
  • Good rental options! The median home value has gone from $91,000 in 2000 to today's $194,000. This means that rent to own buyers will probably see the value of their houses increase throughout the course of their leases. Rental prices in Gillette are near the state average at $475, which means renters can expect a fair price. Residences for rent near City Center do not disappoint, though on the outskirts of town in Rockypoint expect the neighborhoods to be a little bit quieter. Renters can expect a range of housing in a variety of styles, including apartments, condos and ranch-style places.