Rent to Own Homes near Louisiana

Top Reasons Why Louisiana is a perfect place to buy a Rent to Own

  • Culture party! Louisiana has a unique culture that ranges from Creole to French, Spanish and Yugoslavian, as well as Irish and Italian. All have left their mark here and the state is a rich cultural gumbo of diversity and resilience.
  • Low, low, low costs! It doesn't cost as much to live in Louisiana. It costs 16% less to live in Louisiana than in the rest of the USA. While that may mean less popular areas to live, it also indicates that you are likely to get more square feet in a property for your dollars.
  • Real seasons? You got 'em! Sure, Louisiana's sometimes extreme weather makes researching necessary before choosing where to buy a home, but the pleasant winter temperatures more than make up for the blistering summers and occasional storms. Just make sure you take out the appropriate insurance policies -- flood, storm, etc. -- for your particular new home's location and you should be fine.

Check out over 300 Louisiana rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 14 Reasons to Live in Louisiana

  • Jobs, jobs, jobs! Louisiana has a rate of unemployment of seven percent compared to the US average of 8.9 percent. The types of jobs here include agriculture, tourism, oil and energy production and chemical manufacturing.
  • You can get more real estate for your money! In Louisiana, the average home price is just $140,000, which increases to $169,000 for houses in New Orleans. Just think of all those places you can go with the extra money, ranging from Baton Rouge Zoo to a ride on the Natchez Riverboat on the mighty Mississippi.
  • The peace of the Bayous! Perfect for fishing, birding, boating and spotting the odd gator or two. Try a swamp tour or a boat journey down Bayou Teche or a balmy afternoon on Grand Bayou.
  • Cheer for the Tigers! Whether you live in Alexandria, Morgan City or Natchitoches, you will quickly become someone who stands up and roars with the LSU Tigers. The Tigers play in Tiger Stadium on the Louisiana State University campus in Baton Rouge.
  • Education, Education, Education! Several of the schools in Louisiana have high standards and achievers. These include Lake Forest Elementary Charter School in New Orleans, Baton Rouge High School and Tulane University. When you look for your new home be sure to check the schools in the neighborhood and you will be pleasantly surprised at the high standards.
  • Ditch the car! In many areas of the state, particularly in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, cars aren't necessary. Choose an apartment or rent to own home wisely, and you can get everything you need living in the French Quarter or Garden District of New Orleans just by walking, riding your bike or taking the streetcar.
  • Louisiana knows how to party! Think New Orleans Jazz and Mardi Gras, as well as some great clubs in towns. There are festivals all year round and you may even have to plan your move around them because of the volume of crowds in town.
  • Too many cool places to live! Louisiana has so many beautiful places to live from Lake Charles to Shreveport and so you might want to spend some time renting before settling down permanently in a rental property.
  • The food alone is worth the move! Think softshell crab, Cajun cuisine, boudin, jambalaya and gumbo. The cuisine is renowned throughout the world and is a feature of Louisiana. In Louisiana, a lot of food is grown within the state keeping costs down and providing the freshest of ingredients. Try the Cafe Des Amis at Breaux Bridge for some authentic Cajun food or the Shrimp and Petroleum Fest in Morgan City.
  • Art and heritage! Louisiana has fascinating art and culture collections. All over Louisiana are some beautiful and diverse galleries and museums. From the Disease Museum in Carville to the LSU Museum of Art there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • The Community Coffee! This coffee brand has been around for over 90 years and is part of the daily life of Louisiana. Community is what it says on the pack and that is exactly what you will get by living in Louisiana.