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Top 6 Reasons to Move to Weirton

  • Established in the 1700s, Weirton was originally named Holiday Cove, situated in an area suitable to farming and largely protected from natural disasters. In the early 1900s, steel baron E. T. Weir began to build new mills near the town. An industrial boom swelled the area's population, combining four settlements into one municipality. Today, Weirton is home to just under 20,000 people and, while it's located in West Virginia, the town's boundaries touch two other states.

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  • Places to own! If you are looking to own a place of your own, Weirton is a great spot to do it. About 60% of property is owned here, so it's a good place to live if you're looking to buy or rent to own. If you want to live somewhere bustling with easy access to shops and restaurants, look for a place on Main Street. If you want a place that's more remote, look at available residences near the more remote North Fork Kings Creek, which feels like the country.
  • Delicious cuisine! West Virginia is known for some delicious down-home cooking, and Weirton is no exception. Some of the best restaurants in town offer up meals of comfort food, like Eat 'n Park, an old school diner, and Dee Jay's, best known for its chicken and steak.
  • Reader's paradise! People who love to read will find themselves right at home in Weirton. That's because the town has a great library and bookstores to find your favorite books! Check out the Mary H. Weir Public Library on Main St. or the Weirton Book Co., a small local bookshop.
  • Affordable rent! People who want to rent a house or apartment will find many good deals in Weirton. The average monthly rent for a studio is $433, while the average rent for one bedroom apartments is $500. For a luxury rental in town, residents like the Grandview Terrace, which is located just down the street from favorite local restaurant the Cafe & Diner.
  • Great shopping! People who like to shop for clothing will have no trouble doing it right in their hometown. That's because Weirton is home to the Weirton Shopping Plaza, which has stores like Gabe's, a clothing store, and Cato, a trendy women's boutique.
  • Fun abounds! People who like to have fun and stay entertained will have no trouble doing so in Weirton. The town is home to its own museum, the Weirton Area Museum, which also hosts cultural exhibitions. The Weirton Event Center is also located in the heart of town and has events like local tastings and cook-offs.