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  • Lincoln, once known as Lancaster, became the state capital of Nebraska in 1867 and is the second-biggest city in the state. As such, Lincoln is the center for education, state governance, and transportation for the region, but has managed to maintain a small-town feel despite its importance and relatively large population of over 250,000. It is also a college city and has attracted people of all backgrounds from around the world over the last few decades, giving it a diverse and multicultural feel.

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  • Housing StatisticsThe residents of the city live on an average household income of a nearly $50,000, with a per capita income of roughly half that. The median price for a rental property is around $680 per month, while the median house sale price is roughly $150,000, with an average sale price reaching $185,000. Property sales across all types fluctuate monthly, but average out at roughly 750 per month. Price breakdowns per property type suggest that detached houses are most expensive, with average prices of about $190,000, and mobile homes are least expensive, averaging out at about $65,000.
  • Arts and CultureLincoln has a vibrant arts and culture scene, ranging from museums and galleries to concerts and festivals. For live music, there are several venues of note, including Pershing Auditorium, Duffy's Tavern, Bourbon Theater, Knickerbockers, Red9, the Zoo Bar, and Duggan's Pub. The latter two are great for blues and smaller acts. The Pla-Mor Ballroom is perfect for anyone interested in dance, while the resident house band there, the Shady Creek Band, is well-known throughout the city. For larger Broadway production tours, concerts, and guest lectures, the Lied Center is the perfect venue. There are several other performing arts centers within the city such as Haymarket Theater and the Loft at the Mill. The range of museums in the city is also eclectic, from the Museum of American Speed to the National Museum of Rollerskating, and the more traditional Museum of Nebraska History and the Schleich Red Wing Pottery Museum. Tours around the city's major architecturally and historically significant landmarks can be arranged, with the Capitol building being of particular interest.
  • Outdoor ActivitiesLincoln has a host of outdoor venues and activities to enjoy throughout the year. Pioneers Park is home to a variety of interesting statues, as well as being a popular spot for picnics during the summer and sledding during the winter. In addition to this, there are a range of trails used for biking and hiking, golf courses, and free admission to the Nature Center, providing some insight into the different flora and fauna in the region. The Zoo and Botanical Gardens are also popular outdoor attractions, especially for families, containing over 300 animals and 400 different species of plants. Educational programs are offered, helping children understand the importance of protecting endangered and rare species, of which there are several at the zoo. If you fancy a swim, Star City Shores is one of Nebraska's biggest swimming pools. This water park is particularly popular during the summer, providing swimming, climbing, and some sandy shores to relax on.
  • Neighborhood GuideLincoln has roughly 30 neighborhoods spread across the city. As with any major city, Lincoln contains a Downtown neighborhood as the center for business and finance, as well as a host of other historic districts. Some of the major neighborhoods in the city include: