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  • As the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston has a population of over 2.1 million people and spans nearly 600 square miles. It is also an important economic center. As a global city, with well-known locations such as NASA's Johnson Space Center, the Museum District, which gets some 7 million visitors each year, and a very big Theater District, Houston provides everything a home buyer may be looking for in a rent to own property. That includes a thriving economy, a strong housing market, and good schools.

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  • Housing Statistics Though the area has seen some ups and downs over the last few years, this is not unlike any other large city in the country. In the second quarter of 2013, the city had a median sale price on homes of about $88,750, which is about the same as the previous year. The average listing price for a home in Houston proper as of the final week of August 2013 was $327,615. In the previous six months, about 147 homes sold in this area. If you are looking for rental homes, the annual residential turnover here is 20 percent and the median years in residence is two. Incomes have improved by about 18 percent per household in the last decade. The population of the city has grown by eight percent since 2000.
  • Transportation and Commutes In such a large city, the commutes to and from the various neighborhoods and suburbs of Houston are very important to home buyers. The city does feature the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, simply called the Metro, which is a set of buses and light rail running throughout the city. About 71 percent of people here drive alone to work. Some of the major highways in the city include I-610, which circles the downtown area, and Beltway 8, which create a loop about 25-miles outside of the city. Getting into town can range from a 20 minute commute to an hour, depending on location and the time of day. Many people live in the suburbs and work in the city.
  • School Systems The city's main school system is the Houston Independent School District, which is the 17th largest in the country. It has 112 campuses. There are also 300 private schools located in the region. For college-level education, the University of Houston is a prominent option. Other options include Texas Southern University, Rice University, and the Houston Community College System.
  • Neighborhoods in Houston Houston is home to numerous neighborhoods. When looking for a rental property, the following are some of the most important communities to consider: