Rent to Own Homes near Atlanta, GA

  • The beautiful, vibrant city of Atlanta is a favorite with tourists, and it's no surprise that so many people, after just one visit, decide to move there. The birthplace of Coca-Cola and CNN News, this bustling city hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics, where millions of visitors from around the world got the chance to see why it so richly deserves its nickname as the "New York of the South." Whether you're just planning a visit or contemplating a move, Atlanta offers a unique mix of Southern charm and beauty packed in a dynamic, ultra-modern 21st-century city. If you're looking for somewhere to rent, buy or rent to own, Atlanta surely has something for you.

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Top Reasons to Live in Atlanta GA

  • Housing Statistics for 2013 The median sale price for Atlanta homes is currently $266,200, representing an increase of 7.2 percent over the last year. As of August 2013, 62.5 percent of the homes currently on the market are single family homes, 28.5 percent are condominiums and 9.0 percent are other property types. The average sales listing price of a home in Atlanta and the surrounding metro area is $199,900. As of August 2013, 43.7 percent of homes in the current market are owned, and 56.3 percent are rental houses. The annual residential turnover is 19.89 percent and the vacancy rate of apartments is 6 percent.
  • Tourist Attractions With its many tourist attractions, Atlanta has become a favorite destination city for thousands of vacationing families each year. Whether your interests are in history, art and music or outdoor activities, there's always plenty to do and see. The World of Coca-Cola shows a glimpse into the drink's past, and you'll get to marvel at authentic vintage equipment, watch videos and participate in interactive displays. You can tour the world-famous CNN Center, where you'll be able to see how the news is broadcast to CNN networks across the globe. Famous as the largest piece of exposed granite in the world, Stone Mountain is located just a short drive from downtown Atlanta. You can climb the 1,686-foot granite mountain, enjoy a train ride and even visit an authentically-recreated 1870s village. The Georgia Aquarium, built in 2005 by The Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, is also located in downtown Atlanta. It features 60 exhibits, and offers live encounters with penguins, dolphins and sea otters. If you're a history buff, you'll want to spend an entire day at the Atlanta History Center, a complex that includes a museum, a historic farm, an antebellum mansion and 32 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens. You can tour the rooms of the museum and learn about Atlanta's fascinating past as a major railway terminal and key player in the Civil War. Outdoors, you can take an interactive tour of the Tullie Smith Farm, an authentically-recreated 1840s farm, where you'll learn more about the South's agrarian past.
  • Transportation and Commutes Whether you live in a rented apartment, a house you own, or a rent to own home, you're going to want to get around Atlanta easily. A lot of people recommend having a car, but there is a good amount of public transportation around the city. For more than 30 years, Atlanta has been home to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), an extensive public transportation system that includes both a rapid rail and a bus system. Since its creation, MARTA has carried billions of passengers. The 48-mile rapid rail system operates as both a subway and an overland train, and has helped to broaden the entire metro-Atlanta range by enabling residents and visitors to reach downtown Atlanta in just a few minutes. Within recent years, the system has expanded to include residential areas north of Atlanta, and more expansion is planned for the future. Atlanta is also home to an ultra-modern highway system that includes an extensive Downtown Connector, merging two pivotal nationwide expressways, Interstate 75 and Interstate 85.
  • NeighborhoodsWith all it has to offer, Atlanta is officially divided into over 200 neighborhoods, meaning there is a perfect home waiting for everyone. The neighborhoods consist of traditional neighborhoods, subdivisions, and core areas of Atlanta, such as Midtown and Downtown. A few of the neighborhoods are detailed here:Buckhead: Buckhead is not only famous for its beautiful historic homes and landscaped gardens, but it is also home to some of Atlanta's most popular nightclubs and restaurants. Located uptown, Buckhead's focal point is historic Peachtree Street, which runs all the way into downtown Atlanta. It has an upscale residential section that includes some of the largest mansions in the area. Further out, it offers a bustling entertainment center brimming with popular bars and eateries.