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  • Arts and CultureThe University of South Carolina is located in Columbia, which makes this city a huge draw for young adults. As well as being a top college city, Columbia plays host to many different kinds of entertainment, from theater to sport. The Town Theater, built in 1917, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and still hosts musicals and plays on a regular basis. The Columbia Marionette Theater is a unique spectacle dedicated fully to marionette-based performances. There are all kinds of theater-works in this city for everyone to enjoy, including the South Carolina Shakespeare Company and the Columbia City Ballet.
  • Largest Employers and IndustriesColumbia is supported by a diverse economy, with a variety of large employers in the city. These include the South Carolina state government and many health facilities such as the Palmetto Health Hospital System and the Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. Other major employers located here are Palmetto GBA, the University of South Carolina, SCANA, Computer Sciences Corporation, and the military training base, Fort Jackson. Apart from these companies, the many public schools in the city provide thousands of jobs for residents.
  • Neighborhood GuideColumbia has several distinct neighborhoods, each with a flavor of its own. These are three of the most popular; check them for a selection of rent-to-own houses.