Rent-to-Own Home Information

Getting Started with a Rent-to-Own Home

Learn about what it takes to get started with the rent-to-own home process. If you are curious how to rent-to-own a home, or have heard about rent-to-own opportunities, but aren't quite sure if what this entails, this is the perfect section to start from. Browse our articles below for more information:

How to rent to own a home

What is a rent-to-own home

Improving Your Financial Health

If you have an understanding of rent-to-own opportunities, but aren't sure if you are in the right place to financially commit to a rent-to-own home, this section is for you. These articles provide information on how to determine if a rent-to-own is a good opportunity for your specific situation, how to improve your credit while renting-to-own, and information about offers requiring no down payment. Read more below to get started.

Are rent-to-own homes a good idea

Can you rent-to-own a home with bad credit

Rent-to-own homes with no down payment

Understanding Rent-to-Own Contracts

As you move forward in the rent-to-own process, and get closer to owning your own home, you are likely to come across various contract related terminology you may not be familiar with. The below articles will guide you in making smart decisions before signing a contract, and introduce you to important contract related information to be aware of during the rent-to-own home process.

Introduction to rent-to-own contracts

Rent-to-own home laws

What is a rent-to-own lease option

What is a rent-to-own lease purchase

What is a rent-to-own option fee