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Top 4 Reasons to Live in Clinton, MD

  • Located in Prince George's County, Clinton is a bustling town located just 20 miles from Washington D.C. Technically a census designated place, Clinton has roughly 36,000 people. The population rose 36% from 2000 to 2010, and that's due to the combination of history, nature, and lifestyle that's offered here. A walk through the 690 acre Louise F. Cosca Regional Park illustrates Clinton's beauty, while walking through the Surratt House showcases its history. And a dinner along State Route 5 completes any day. Overall, Clinton has plenty to satisfy.

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  • Benefit from increasing real estate value! Over the last 12 months, property value in Clinton has jumped 13.8%, and that positive growth is expected to continue in the coming years. Average prices are lower than the Washington D.C. metropolitan average, as well. Hence, now is a promising time to buy property. Those who are not certain have the option of rent to own houses. Home shoppers are advised to look all over town to find what they want. The areas surrounding Colony South Hotel and Conference Center and the Stephen Decatur Community Center often have listings for homes on the market.
  • Experience some exciting history! Clinton has deep roots, and that can be seen in the colonial architecture as well as the sites. The Surratt House Museum is perhaps the most famous. Built in 1852, this museum is the former residence of Mary Surratt and the exhibition highlights the role this structure played in Lincoln's assassination (John Wilkes Booth stopped here for supplies and guns after killing the president). Agriculture has an important place in the area's history as well, and the National Colonial Farm showcases how farming worked during the 18th century.
  • Choose an old or new home! Over 35% of housing units were built after 1990, while nearly 11% were erected before 1960. Although it's impossible to live in historic Wyoming manor, a Maryland tidewater classic, it's easy to find beautifully constructed older houses on streets like Clinton Manor Drive. Most older homes are owned, so newcomers probably have to buy with these units. With new properties, there are more options. For instance, the area surrounding Andrews Air Force Base has lots of new houses for sale and rent as well as high-rise apartment rentals.
  • Have an amazing meal -- or two! Excellent eateries line the streets of Clinton. Crazy Down Home has a special place in the hearts of residents and offers tasty home-style dishes in a casual environment. For seafood, music, and drinks, there's no place like Fish Market Restaurant, Inc. And if the situation calls for large portions, head to Hogs on the Hill.