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Top Reasons Why Missouri is a perfect place to buy a Rent to Own

  • It's got lovely cities! From the state capital of Jefferson City to Kansas City and the wonderful Springfield in the Ozarks, you'll find great communities, excellent infrastructure and affordable housing all throughout the state.
  • The countryside is quiet and calming! As more than half of the whole population lives in Greater St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan areas, you'll quickly realize how calming and quiet it is almost everywhere else!
  • Low cost of living! Living costs in Missouri are about 20 percent lower than the national average. As recently as 2011, the cost of living in the state was ranked at a low 14th for the country. For example, in Kansas City and St. Louis, the consumer price index stands at 73.53 and 71.81 respectively.

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Top 19 Reasons to Live in Missouri

  • Real estate is relatively cheap as well! Yep, real estate in Missouri isn't expensive at all when compared to other neighboring states. The average sales listing price is only about $185,000 in Jefferson City and $170,228 in Kansas City. The national median list price, on the other hand, stands at $199,500.
  • Transportation routes are good! Missouri is a state that is dedicated to improving its roads to reduce vehicle related deaths. Interstate links and intercity links are good, with excellent transport infrastructure around the cities in particular. Rail is a popular method of travel, and there are several regional airports as well as two international airports in St Louis and Kansas City.
  • It's got varying climate! If you're a fan of weather conditions that go beyond the plain vanilla spectrum of warm-summer, cold-winter, Missouri is for you. The state experiences a wide variety of climatic conditions, ranging from bitter cold in the north to humid, subtropical in the south.
  • The school system is excellent! If you're moving with kids, rest assured that Missouri will offer you some great schools. Elementary schools such as Truman Elementary in Springfield and Sappington Elementary in St. Louis are highly ranked, while Metro High School in St. Louis is also well regarded.
  • There are also some great universities! When your kids get older, they can easily stay within the state for their college education as well, with Lincoln University, the University of Missouri, and Washington University lying within the state. Washington University, located in St. Louis, is even ranked among the nation's Top 20 universities (14th, according to U.S. News).
  • Plenty of job opportunities! If you find yourself buying a property in Missouri, you're going to need to pay the bills! Fear not, as employment opportunities abound, especially in the manufacturing, tourism, sales, medical, and service industries. Kansas City has been a major industrial area for years and is home to SprintNextel, Interstate Bakeries (makers of Twinkies!) and Garmin. The city is also the primary manufacturer of some top selling Ford models, including the F-150 and Escape.
  • The scenery is spectacular! If you head into the Ozarks in the southern region of the state, you'll gain access to some stunning scenery. The Missouri State Park in Salem, the Washington State Park in De Soto, and the Prairie State Park are especially well loved by locals and tourists alike.
  • The hunting is great! If you like to hunt game, such as deer, coyote, bobcat, you'll be in for a treat. Arcadia Valley and Black River Recreation Area are a well loved region for whitetail deer hunting.
  • There's also great fishing! A range of fish are available in the Missouri lakes, from Bass to Crappie, and Trout to Catfish. The largest lake, the Lake of the Ozarks, has more than 1,150 miles of shoreline and is a fabulous place to do more than just fish.
  • St. Louis has some great attractions! If you love the outdoors, St. Louis Forest Park is for you -- it's larger than Central Park in New York. Citygarden, an urban park and sculpture garden downtown, is also worth a visit. The area around Citygarden boasts some of the finest real estate in the city as well.
  • There are some great wineries! When you think of wine, you think of Napa Valley. But Missouri might very well be the best kept wine secret in the US. Some of the best wineries include Stone Hill Winery, Hermannhof Winery and OakGlenn Winery.
  • It's got the home of Mark Twain! Hannibal is the hometown of Mark Twain and the place that inspired Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Here you can explore the life of the great author, from the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum to the Mark Twain Riverboat Cruise.
  • It's got Kansas City! Dubbed the "home of bebop and swing", Kansas City is one of the best places to live in the midwest. Loose Park Rose Garden, KC Fountains and the Ewing Kauffman Memorial Gardens stand as testimony to the city's reputation as "the City of Fountains". Real estate prices in Kansas are especially low right now with median sales price falling by 27% to just $56,000, making it a great place to invest in a new home for cheap.
  • The nightlife in Branson is awesome! It may be small, but Branson's nightlife is legendary, with 50 theatres and lots of restaurants and bars. ROCKIT! is the city's most popular joint while Sight and Sound Theaters attract thousands of visitors each month. And did we mention that Branson is also a sweet place for a home, with average listing price at $185,000?
  • It's bordered by 8 other states! Missouri lies right in the center of the US and borders a whopping 8 other states, meaning you'll easily be able to hop on over to explore other areas of the US on weekends and holidays.
  • The people are great! Across the state, and especially up in the rural Ozarks, the sense of community is fantastic. The tough, hardy people of the region will surprise you with their generosity and their friendship.