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Top Reasons Why North Carolina is a perfect place to buy a Rent to Own

  • The people are fantastic! One of the main reasons to live anywhere is due to the friendly, welcoming and good-natured people who live there. People flock to North Carolina from all over, so they're eager to make friends and get in with their neighbors -- all making for a happy, friendly, and vibrant community all over the state.
  • It's a family state! What does this mean? Well, simply that when a member of one family migrates to North Carolina, it's common for their parents, siblings and other family members to follow suit.
  • Low living costs! Median income within the state capital, Raleigh, and its surrounding areas are about the same as the rest of the US. Within other cities in the state the median income is higher, while in Raleigh and places like Durham, real estate costs are very affordable. As such, the state generally has a high income to living cost ratio, giving people more money to spend on the things they love.

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Top 19 Reasons to Live in North Carolina

  • Great schools! The state has a great schools system, with a wide selection of great private, public, charter and magnet schools state-wide for you and your children.
  • Higher education is excellent and plentiful, too! Within the Triangle area of North Carolina you'll find some great universities. NC State in Raleigh, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and Duke University in Durham to name a few. Statewide, 16 public universities make up the UNC system, while there are 53 private colleges and universities, and 58 community colleges.
  • Basketball! When it comes to college basketball, North Carolina can't really be beaten. Local universities have won 11 NCAA Division I titles, making them the most successful southern state, and perhaps the most successful state in the whole country.
  • Wonderful natural beauty and great outdoors! If you're into natural landscapes and outdoor pursuits, NC is top of the range. For an incredible view of the NC mountains, take a trip to Grandfather Mountain and the Mile High Swinging Bridge, and enjoy a host of wonderful activities in the area, including hiking, biking, rock climbing, rafting, fishing and more.
  • Low real estate costs! Within the US, real estate prices vary heavily, but on average most will be between the upper $100,000s and the lower $400,000s. In NC, averages are split fairly well down the middle, with prices in Raleigh averaging between about $260,000 and $340,000.
  • Lots of real estate options! North Carolina also have a range of real estate options, and in particular it has a lot of rent to own homes on offer. Throughout all the major cities and all 100 counties in the state, you'll find hundreds of such properties on offer for those looking for a cheaper real estate option.
  • Taxes are low! Real estate taxes are low across the state, especially when compared to more northerly states.
  • Employment opportunities are great! In the Triangle area, there's Research Triangle Park, with its many enterprises and high-tech companies. Anchored by the many universities of the region, the area has long attracted businesses and bright minds, making it an excellent area for employment opportunities.
  • The climate is mild! The state has four clear seasons, providing excellent year round weather. So, when you're looking for a change in weather, you'll most likely get it, with cold winters, warm summers, colorful autumns, and bright and breezy springs.
  • The lifestyle is great! Year by year more people move to NC for their retirement. With great golf courses, beautiful lakes, great sports clubs, fine art establishments and all of the real estate benefits of affordable homes for sale, low taxes and a decent cost of living, you can see why people would want to migrate there.
  • It's got a wonderful capital! If you're going to move anywhere in NC, Raleigh might well be your best bet! The city is centrally located in the state, offering easy access to the whole Triangle area. It's got world class education, is a great place to start a business and raise a family, and isn't far from the beaches of the Atlantic, or the NC mountains.
  • Great museums! If you like culture and art, great museums can be found across the state. Raleigh is home to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the North Carolina Museum of History. The coast has several world-class aquariums, while Charlotte has the Mint Museum. The Piedmont city of Winston-Salem is home to Old Salem, a living museum, and MESDA (the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Art) , while neighboring city Greensboro celebrates its pivotal part in American history with the International Civil Rights Center & Museum.
  • Awesome golfing state! NC is up there with the best states in the US for golf. The Heritage Wake Forest golf course, the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course, and the TPC courses in Wakefield are just three options out of more than 400 golf courses in the state.
  • Top nightlife and dining in the capital! Raleigh also boasts more than 100 clubs and restaurants in the Downtown area alone. Angus Barn is a top spot for some steak, voted one of America's best steakhouses.
  • How about some shopping! Throughout the state's major cities you'll get some great shopping, including the five large malls in Raleigh. Winston-Salem is home to Hanes Mall, NC's second-largest enclosed mall, while Charlotte's SouthPark Mall currently holds the title.
  • Learn a new language in the Outer Banks! Speaking what's known as the Banks Brogue, Banksers sound more like Irish or English than Americans. The Outer Banks were largely isolated from the rest of the country until the last 70 years or so, so their unique accent and slang was able to develop unchanged.