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Top Reasons Why Arizona is a perfect place to buy a Rent to Own

  • Arizona has a great capital city! The state capital of Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the United States, and it's full of great opportunities to work and live. The city has a very rich history and heritage, and it is home to several significant cultural events and populations. You can explore Native American culture by visiting the Heard Museum, hearken back to the ranch life of the state by checking out Sahuaro Ranch, or explore one of the many other historical sites in the city and beyond.
  • If you love sports, you'll love Arizona! Locals love to get behind their many sports teams, making Arizona a great spot for sports fanatics. The Phoenix Cardinals, the Phoenix Suns, the Phoenix Coyotes, and the Arizona Diamondbacks respectively offer football, basketball, ice hockey, and baseball!
  • Great golf! If you prefer to get involved in sports rather than just watch from the sidelines, you'll be satisfied with some fantastic golf courses all over the state. Whether you're looking for a golfing resort, an exclusive club, or a driving range, you'll find a lot of options waiting for you, including Troon North and Gold Canyon.

Check out over 300 Arizona rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 16 Reasons to Live in Arizona

  • Affordable real estate prices! Of course, prices are crucial for anyone, and Arizona has some great homes for rent and houses for sale, all at great prices. Despite all the wonderful attractions in the state, you might be surprised you can rent at such reasonable rates, getting a lot of bang for your buck along the way. Just be sure to check out the real estate soon, though, because home prices here are on the rise.
  • Rich nightlife, especially in the capital! Whether it's a midweek Wednesday night that you're looking to party on, or a more traditional Saturday dancing marathon, Arizona has it all. Big parties are thrown next to ASU on Mill Avenue, while Old Town Scottsdale has some trendy nightspots, often described as one of the best places for a party in the country.
  • There are some pretty awesome natural wonders! The Grand Canyon is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, and it is one of the major tourist attractions in the state. Havasupai Falls and the beautiful, winding, waters of Glen Canyon are also pretty awesome! Luckily, Arizona isn't exactly the biggest state on the West Coast, so no matter where you rent or own a home, you'll be within distance of these wonders.
  • Some pretty spectacular deserts and sunsets! The Sonoran Desert is an incredible place, and the only area in the world where you'll find the Saguaro Cactus, which is a pretty iconic looking plant. If you're looking for somewhere to experience an incredible sunset, head to the desert and prepare to be spellbound.
  • There are mountains too! Arizona is often thought of as being only hot and arid, but that's not true. There are beautiful mountainous peaks as well, such as the Flagstaff area's Humphreys Peak that stands at 12,637 feet.
  • Get a summertime tan? The wonderful Phoenician Resort in Phoenix is one of the best and most relaxing resorts in the state and has a great, active community of staff and visitors alike! There's also the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch, which has 10 pools, a water slide, and even a beach area with sand.
  • Let it snow! Again, it's not just the desert and heat that you'll be able to enjoy. In fact, it snows in Arizona a fair bit, even out in the desert! If you want to do a bit of skiing, head up north to Flagstaff, Prescott, or Pinetop to have some fun on the slopes or simply enjoy hot chocolate and indoor hot tubs in comfy cabins.
  • Year round pool parties! It can be sunny about 85% of the time in the Phoenix area, and as such, a lot of people have pools in their backyard. Summer temperatures can get up to 115 degrees, soiIt's no wonder pool parties are common here, and you'll find that even rent to own houses often include pools.
  • Great watersports! If you're into watersports, white water rafting on the Colorado River is a must, while a more leisurely journey down the Salt River is a more relaxing option that most residents have indulged in at least once.
  • Spectacular weather displays! Ok, powerful weather formations aren't for everyone, but they are pretty fascinating when they happen. Haboobs - massive dust storms - and powerful monsoons are common, and can be spectacular sights for photographers to capture! Look for monsoons and their accompanying haboobs between July and September, and be prepared for the odd sensation of being rained on while still feeling the heat of summer.
  • More natural wonders! Have you ever heard of the Petrified Forest National Park and its fossilized trees that are more than 225 million years old? Or how about the huge meteor crater that's 50,000 years old? Well, these alone are reasons to find a house for sale in Arizona!
  • Home of the Hoover Dam! If we're talking about manmade natural wonders, the Hoover Dam is certainly up there, too! It's on the border of Arizona and Utah; locals know it as a nice place for pictures on the way to Las Vegas!
  • Great diversity all over the state! If you're looking for a diverse place to settle, Arizona has it all. With mountains, deserts, history, culture, nightlife, great cities, incredible natural and manmade wonders, and more, you'll have plenty of great choices as you look at real estate! Oh, and the state also shares a border with both Mexico and California, so there are some spectacular beaches as little as four hours away from some Arizona cities!