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6 Reasons to Move to Sterling, CO

  • Sterling, CO is the largest town in Logan County. It features outstanding food, has plenty of fun things to do and is in a great location. Sterling is only 127 miles outside of Denver, so people who live here are still able to visit the big city on the weekends. You may not ever need to leave though because there's plenty to do in Sterling.

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  • Wet and wild fun. Lakes are in short supply in Colorado, but Sterling is near two large bodies of water. The North Sterling Reservoir offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while camping, hiking, picnicking or bird watching. At the Prewitt Reservoir, visitors can boat, bike, hunt, hike and fish.
  • House values are going up. The average house value in Sterling was $75,800 in 2000. In 2012, it rose substantially to $97,809. Some good neighborhoods to shop for homes are the Sidney Avenue and Westview Drive communities.
  • You can get a great deal. If you're looking for a rent to own home or a unit that is for sale by owner, you're sure to find a property within your price range in Sterling. Detached houses typically sell for around $110,973 and townhouses or other attached units usually sell for $152,220. Rent is also affordable in Sterling. In 2012, the average rent was $629. Homes in the neighborhoods of Third Avenue and Park Street are particularly affordable.
  • Good food at great local joints. Sterling has some fantastic, original restaurants. The Gallagher's River City Grill has some of the area's best steaks with bountiful plates of food and a comfortable atmosphere. Old Town Bistro is located in a building built in 1926 and features upscale dining.
  • Queen City of the Plains. Sterling started out as a mining town and became known as the Queen City of the Plains and a Colorado Treasure. It's the largest town in the area and home to a variety of scenic viewing areas, such as North Sterling State Park and Columbine Park, which has the town's living-tree sculptures.
  • A town full of history. When you live in Sterling, you can visit several historic areas, such as the Overland Trail Museum, the Central House Hotel and Stoney Buttes School from 1911. The museum has been opened in the original building, but since then, many improvements have been added.