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Top 5 Reasons to Live in Florence, KY

  • The reason that Florence, KY developed is quite interesting. It happened to be the point where several different roads intersected, and some of the travelers reached that point and decided they were done moving and got to work creating what would eventually become Florence, KY. The city was originally dubbed Connersville after one of the founders, but was renamed when residents learned there was another town in Kentucky with the same name.

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  • There's always something to do! Even you're hard pressed to find something to do in your new Kentucky home town on a particular day, you won't have to travel far for some excitement. Cincinnati is a mere 12 miles away and once you reach that town you can enjoy all sorts of activities including visit a zoo, several museums, or the Newport Aquarium.
  • Enjoy some great horse racing! The state of Kentucky was built on the speed and power of the Thoroughbred race horse. While the track isn't as large as Churchill Downs, it still attracts some very nice horses. The nice thing about it being a smaller track is you can get up close to the action.
  • Lots of homes for sale! Florence KY currently has a vacancy rate of 13.8%. One reason for the vacancy rate is because more houses have been put up for sale recently. The other reason has to do with many of the homeowners own vacation homes in the area.
  • Short Commutes! Most Florence KY residents live very close to the place where they're employed. It's estimated that residents only drive an average of 15 minutes to reach their place of employment.
  • Lot's of housing options available! When it comes to choosing a house for sale or apartment to rent in Florence, most people don't have any trouble finding a location that perfectly suits their needs. At any given time there are studio rentals, high rise apartments, and 3-4 bedroom homes in need of occupants. The neighborhoods in Florence tend to be older, and were created between 1940 and 1969, however newer houses have been added to these neighborhoods.
  • Low crime rate! Florence is considered a very safe place to live. Its current crime rate is only 2.89%, which is well below the national average of 3.9%.