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11 Reasons to Live in Bellevue, NE

  • Over 600 acres of parks! There are parks available for nature lovers, people who want to walk or hike and people who want to play sports such as golf or basketball. Some of the most popular parks are Aspen Park, which features a 9-hole Frisbee golf course and Copper Creek Park, which features playgrounds and grassy areas.

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  • Mother nature and tons of walking trails! Fontenelle Forest, one of the largest privately-owned forests in the United States, offers a spectacular view and plenty of trees and wildlife for visitors to enjoy. Walkers may also like to visit Haworth Park; in addition to nature trails, this park features campgrounds complete with electronic hookups.
  • Great public transportation system! It connects Bellevue to Omaha and other major cities. The Metro Area Transit makes traveling to nearby cities easy; residents can also take local buses throughout Bellevue.
  • Major Air Force base with a rich history! The Offutt Air Force Base is home to the 55th Wing of the Air Force. Today Fort Creek Road is part of Bellevue's commercial district; this road was built shortly before the beginning of World War II to transfer supplies in and out of Bellevue.
  • Festivals and special events throughout the year! At Christmas time, Bellevue hosts the WorldFest Holiday Celebration, which offers information and activities related to Christmas traditions throughout the world. Visitors can sample foods and join in holiday customs from a variety of foreign countries during this event. Bellevue also hosts a variety of other events such as the Holiday Heroes Chili Cook-Off, which raises money for charity via a chili-making contest.
  • Urban living! Only about 34% of the population rents rather than owns a home. The median rent for Bellevue homes is approximately $700 a month. Rentals and rent to own houses can be found in every Bellevue neighborhood, from Camp Gifford to Rumsey.
  • Lots of food! Got a hankering for a burger? Try out Stella's Bar & Grill. Want some Chinese? There's China Road or Jade Palace Restaurant to satisfy your craving. Seafood? They've got it here too--try out Catfish Lake Restaurant.
  • Several museums! Many museums offer tours free of charge or for low cost. Sarpy County Museum features information and exhibits about Bellevue's history, while the Bellevue Cemetery offers free tours of grave sites from the 1800s as well as the option to purchase burial plots for the future.
  • Lots of homeowners! Most people in Bellevue own their own home. If you're looking to join this club, know that the median home price in Bellevue is $97,000. You can find lots of homes for sale in Chris Lake and Leawood Oaks.
  • Rent to own options! Renting to own is often slightly cheaper than purchasing a home outright. If this option interests you, check out Castle Ridge or Brook Park for rent to own homes.
  • Affordable Foreclosures! Bellevue homeowners often purchase their homes from foreclosure sales and auctions. The average price for this type of home is $85,000. Look for such homes in Green Meadows and Cedar View.