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Top 11 Reasons to Live in Carson City, NV

  • Small city living! This small town 30 miles south of Reno is full of fun and adventure, thanks in part to the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains. But it's the smallest city you'll ever see when it comes to area. In fact, its nickname is "America's Smallest Capital."

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  • Engage your taste buds! The Bamboo Garden and the Beijing Place offer the best in Chinese cuisine. There are many Mexican restaurants to test your taste buds with, including Michoacan Restaurant, Taqueria Fuentes, and Tito's. Some other restaurants to try out are Nugget Steakhouse and Duke's Steakhouse.
  • Affordable housing! The average cost of a home here is $200,000, which is the same as the national average. And 65% of the residents here are homeowners, while 34% rent homes. Whether you need to find a rental home, house for sale, or a rent to own property, look in Stewart or Indian Hills.
  • Lots of outdoor space! Due to all the mountains around the city, they are plenty of places to walk, hike, take your dog for a walk and get a good cardiovascular workout. There are many national parks to take in nature's beauty, such as the Ambrose Carson River Natural Area, Empire Ranch Trail and the Silver Saddle Ranch.
  • A nice vacancy rate! After the economic downturn in 2008, many homes became vacant in Nevada. However, there are now a great deal of vacant homes waiting to be lived in at an affordable price. Many of the homes are very well-kept and in beautiful areas, such as Empire and Carson Hot Springs. The vacancy rate is less than 9%.
  • Educational museums and cultural centers! Check out the museum in Nevada State Capital, which is the original capital. If you are into geology, you will enjoy the Nevada State Museum, which has a large collection of rock and prehistoric exhibits depicting the Wild West. Finally, Foreman-Roberts House Museum is a Gothic revival museum.
  • Enjoy the nightlife! Get out and enjoy the trendy nightclubs, bars and nightlife Carson City has to offer. If you like to gamble and eat, visit Bodines Casino and Comstock Casino. Check out Barb's Y Not Saloon, and why not? You're in the Wild West! Dance the night away at Club Envy. With median rent at $907, you'll have more to spend on your night out!
  • Check out some annual events! In this area, you can enjoy basketball, football, baseball, soccer and other sports in the downtown area. The Bonanza Kennel Club's Annual Dog Show and Trial is held here, with over 100 breeds of dogs showcased and competing in a variety of areas. Enjoy a rodeo or livestock fairgrounds with the Equine & Livestock Events at the Fuji Park.
  • A mixture of older and newer homes! Although many of the older homes are disappearing, you can still find some older homes that date back to the Wild West. Look near Pursia Road and South Deer Run Road for rent to own houses, rental properties and homes for sale.
  • Unlimited recreational activities! Since the city is located in the desert, outdoor activities are the norm. Enjoy the mountain hiking, biking, and walking, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, the arts, golfing and even snow sports. During the winter months, it will snow on the mountains, providing the opportunity for snow sledding, skiing and just plain playing in the snow.
  • Affordable homes! Homes in Carson City are fairly reasonable. They can be purchased for $140,000, which is lower than the national average. The appreciation value is at 5%, which is much higher than the national average. You can find rent to own homes and more near South Edmonds Drive and East 5th Street.