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  • Ride horses at Knoll Farm! Practice in one of the jump rings or take lessons. This facility is close to the Ross Center for Health and Rehabilitation and is on Suffolk Avenue.

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Top 14 Reasons to Live in Brentwood

  • Profit from rising real estate value! Property value has risen 5.8% over the last year. The trend is projected to continue, so now is an opportune time to buy or rent to own. Look everywhere for listings to find something you want, from duplexes close to Mi Ranchito restaurant on Suffolk Avenue to pads by Calvary Cemetery.
  • Play sports at Brentwood State Park! Baseball and soccer fields are kept in great shape at this 52-acre complex. It's located at 375 Crooked Hill Road and not too far from Caumsett Hall and the New York State Police station.
  • Take advantage of the big library! Brentwood Public Library has a lot of room for you to surf the Internet, read a book or get other things finished. The library is on 2nd Avenue and situated near the Brentwood Fire Department.
  • Purchase reasonably priced housing! Even with an improving market, the average value of a housing unit in Brentwood is about $235,000. That's much more reasonable than Manhattan. Here, you have access to the greater New York City area without having to pay as much. You can find deals on rent to own homes as well. The neighborhood of Edgewood and the area near Central Liquors on Heyward Street are worth checking.
  • Join the Brentwood Historical Society! Learn the story of this city by attending local events at 34 2nd Avenue. Trips to landmarks like the 1859 Dame House and the former Pilgrim State Hospital will catch your attention.
  • Find plenty of rental homes! 27% of homes are occupied by renters, which is neither high nor low in terms of the national average. It may be lower than New York City, but there are plenty of spots for renters. Broadway West Apartments on Springfield Road and Heritage Gardens Apartments on Fairfield Circle, for example, are two complexes with apartments for lease.
  • Plenty of food choices! Brentwood features an extensive menu when it comes to food choices. Popular eateries like O Pinheirinho Restaurant, Vinardo's Pizzeria and Restaurant, and Tony's Pizza and Restaurant make certain you get what you are craving every night of the week.
  • Get a house with history! Nearly 40% of homes were built before 1960, and some were even constructed in the 19th century, like the 1859 Dame House. The chance to live in a place that carries a story is there. Most have aged well, too. Houses in close proximity to the Brentwood Recreation Center or Village Market are quite splendid.
  • Get a new home! Nearly 9% of homes were built after 1990, which means you can get a new property that's basically in untouched condition. Some pads near Islip Avenue, where Super Deli Farm and El Limeno Bar and Restaurant are situated, are relatively new.
  • Golf at Brentwood Country Club! See what you can score at this course on 100 Pennsylvania Avenue. The 18 hole course is close to the East Brentwood Fire Department.
  • Have a cup of coffee! Establishments like Strathmore Bagels, Savor Coffee Inc and El Salvador Deli ensure you can sip good coffee whenever you need.
  • Grab a steal on a foreclosure! Average foreclosure prices range from $140,000 to $200,000, but some can be found for less or more. Many have stayed in fine shape, too. Getting one can save you a lot of money, especially if you were looking at traditional listings or rent to own houses. For instance, you can find some foreclosure homes for sale and rent in the area between Washington Avenue and Chapel Hill Drive. What's great about this location is that housing is near great restaurants like Pita and Pizza and also cool stores like Tropical Market II.
  • Play tourist in the Big Apple! Easy access to the Brentwood Long Island Rail Road station, Interstate 495 (Long Island Expressway), and Sagtikos State Parkway means you can get to New York City and see sights like the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the World Trade Center any time you are free. From Casa Vieja, a restaurant near Brentwood's center, it's only a little over one hour.