Rent to Own Homes near Oklahoma City, OK

  • With a population over half a million, Oklahoma City is a place where people can find a lot to enjoy. Sports fans can come together around a solid team in the Oklahoma City Thunder, while those with an interest in history can visit Overholser Mansion whenever the mood strikes. Although these are the more well-known attractions, it's actually little things like the Central Bank's wavy drive-thru coupled with familiar sights like the State Capitol that contribute to the city's unique charm. If you're looking for a fantastic place to settle down, you can't go wrong with Oklahoma City.

Check out over 300 Oklahoma City, OK rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top Reasons to Live in Oklahoma City OK

  • Housing Statistics While Oklahoma City's median home sale price is listed at $130,000, the average home sale price is set at $199,000. In addition, roughly 60.6% of homes are owned. Put simply, there are a lot of fantastic deals to be found here. Since the annual residential turnover percentage is 19.73%, there's also something to be said for the pace of this real estate market.
  • Largest Employers and Industries
  • Important Sectors Oklahoma City benefits from the fact that it has a variety of thriving industries contributing to it. Due to the makeup of the city's major employers, it's clear that health care, government, and the military are sectors that play a key part in strengthening the local economy. Technology is another field that has grown tremendously along with the energy sector. In addition, Oklahoma City enjoys a strong market for farm products as well.
  • Major Employers The city's largest employers fall under five basic categories: Military, Government, Aerospace, Healthcare, and Higher Education.
  • Transportation and Commutes Getting around isn't a problem here since Oklahoma City boasts a practical public transportation system courtesy of METRO Transit.
  • Neighborhood Guide Oklahoma City's neighborhoods are determined by a combination of zoning laws and physical location since the North Canadian River divides the city in half. In the larger sense, the various areas are known as Downtown, Midtown, Inner City South, Uptown, Northeast and Northwest. Here are some of specific neighborhoods that houses have been selling in: