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  • Corpus Christi feels like a small town, but with a population of 312,195 people, it is anything but small. Founded by Colonel Henry Lawrence Kinney in 1839, Corpus Christi began as a small trading post, selling supplies to a Mexican Revolutionary army that had an encampment close by. From those humble beginnings, the city has slowly grown over the past 150 years to enjoy a thriving economy and become a tourist destination. Connected by a series of bridges, the city is laid out in an organic fashion that follows the coastline and connects one island or inlet to the next. One of the prettiest drives in the country is along Ocean Drive, a street that follows Corpus Christi Bay from downtown in a horseshoe fashion and out to Texas A&M University, which sits close to the Naval Air Station. This particular drive makes a stunningly beautiful commute for many locals each and every day.

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  • Housing StatisticsOut of all Corpus Christi residents, 63.4 percent own the homes they live in while the other 36.06 percent choose to rent or rent to own instead. The median home value is currently at $110,300, which is not too bad when compared to other large cities in Texas. The average cost of rent is $807 per month, and the rental vacancy rate hovers at 9.5 percent. If you're looking for rental homes here, you'll find a nice variety of choices.
  • School Systems Corpus Christi has an excellent school system. From preschool through college, a top-notch education is available to all children, teens and young adults, regardless of race, demographics or financial hardship. Corpus Christi also has two middle schools and one high school involved with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. This program is designed to help students advance and prepare for life and education at the university level. Texas A&M Corpus Christi, also known as The Island University, supports the IB program in keeping with Senate bill 111 that was passed in 2005.
  • Tourist AttractionsCorpus Christi offers unique, fascinating tourist attractions that keep visitors and locals busy all year round. The Texas State Aquarium is located on North Beach, a short 5-minute drive across the Harbor Bridge from downtown Corpus Christi. Bisecting downtown from North Beach is the Port of Corpus Christi, the 5th largest port in the nation. Cargo ships and barges travel in and out of the Bay on a daily basis, bringing in raw materials and goods from all over the world. The USS Lexington, also known as The Blue Ghost, rests in a shallow sand bank just off of North Beach and is open for tours, movie nights and educational programs throughout the year. These are just a few of the many attractions that Corpus Christi has to offer, but the true treasure of this coastal town is its miles of beaches, bird sanctuaries and protected natural habitats. Visiting Corpus Christi is like taking a vacation into a sub-tropical climate, where the water is warm, sparkling and calm; the fishing, wind surfing and kite boarding are world renowned; and life's stresses slide off your shoulders and away with the tide.
  • Corpus Christi Neighborhoods Neighborhoods in Corpus Christi are not laid out in a grid-like fashion, so it can be difficult to navigate through the area without a map or some sort of navigation app if you are new to the area. The city was developed around the Bay of Corpus Christi. The Bay is shaped like a warped horseshoe, with a strip of land protectively flanking the entrance from the Gulf of Mexico.