Rent to Own Homes near Killeen, TX

  • At first, Killeen was a small railroad town, but as a result of the establishment of Fort Hood in the 1950s, it began to grow into the city it is today. The proximity of the military post has gifted Killeen some interesting visitors in its time--none more so than Elvis Presley, who briefly lived in the city while he was stationed in Fort Hood. Killeen, Texas, is a great place to start your housing search, no matter whether you're looking for a rent to own home, a house to buy, or an apartment to rent.

Check out over 300 Killeen, TX rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top Reasons to Live in Killeen TX

  • Housing in KilleenThe city's relatively high annual residential turnover rate (26%) and high proportion of rented properties (43%) can be attributed to the fact that many military personnel are temporarily stationed here. Therefore, if you're waiting for the right rental home to open up, there's a good chance one will within a year. Sales in the area have suffered, however, with a drop in the median sales price of a home to $78,250 and the number of sales to just 20 during May through July 2013. The statistics suggest that a home to rent or own in the area would be very affordable.
  • Outdoor Activities Being outdoors in Killeen is all about appreciating the beauty of nature, and to do that you need to take your time (and sometimes a short drive out of the city), so grab a comfortable pair of walking shoes and get ready for some incredible sights. The Dana Peak Park to the southeast of the city has around 10 miles of trails, with much of it offering beautiful views of Stillhouse Hollow Lake. Make sure you take a dip to cool off in the designated swimming area. More great trails can be found 10 miles east of the city starting from Miller Spring Park. Two trails within the city, the Andy K. Wells Trail and the trail at Lions Club Park, are also ideal for biking.
  • Local Restaurants For some delicious down home eats, try the Waffle Den on W Jasper Drive. Take a bite of the fluffy light waffles or beautifully seasoned battered chicken and you'll be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner. Then there's Taqueria Mexico Lindo, with two locations both off Highway 190. It's a modest, unassuming restaurant that serves some of the best Mexican food in the city. Or simply take a drive down Fort Hood St and something's bound to stand out, whether you're a fan of Thai, Italian, or even Filipino cuisine.
  • Local Sports Killeen isn't represented by any professional, college, or minor league sports teams, so if you want to watch or support a team you've got two options: look outside the city limits or get behind high school teams. If you go for the former, you're in for more bad luck, as the nearest major city, Austin, is the largest U.S. city without representation in a major sports league. But they do have the Austin Toros, who compete in the NBA D-League. So what about high school sports? The Killeen High School Kangaroos have a winning volleyball team, and every Friday in the fall is a huge night for high school football. The Kangaroos last won the 5-A Division I state championship back in 1991.
  • Tourist Attractions As you might expect from a city situated right next to a military post, the role of the armed forces is celebrated in a number of Killeen's tourist attractions, such as the 1st Cavalry Division Museum and the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Museum. A highlight of the former museum is the Medal of Honor hallway, which features portraits of the 39 division members that have received the country's highest military honor. For something completely different there's the Mayborn Planetarium and Space Theater, located on Academic Drive, which is part of the Central Texas College Campus. The planetarium has a packed schedule of shows helping to bring the universe to life--and even if you're not interested in outer space you might want to check out their special events such as Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon.