Rent to Own Homes near Federal Way, WA

  • Federal Way, Washington, is located in King County between Tacoma, Washington, and Seattle, Washington. Federal Way has a total population of 90,000 people and came by its distinctive name during the construction of the Federal Highway US 99, which is a major roadway that turned a logging camp out of its shell into the lively city it is today. Logging is still a huge part of Federal Way, and the Weyerhaeuser Company continues to own a hefty part of the nearby forests. Federal Way has a great residential area filled with rent to own homes, apartments, and houses to purchase.

Check out over 300 Federal Way, WA rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top Reasons to Live in Federal Way WA

  • Housing StatisticsIf you're looking for a rental house, a rental apartment or a home to buy in Washington State, Federal Way is a great place to start your search. The median price of homes for sale in Federal Way is $314,483 and the median price for townhouses for sale in Federal Way is $207,561, while the median price for a mobile home is $87,667. The average value of a house or condo in Federal Way is $246,000. This number has grown a lot since 2000 when the value was $165,300. The average amount of rent is $934.00.
  • Tourist AttractionsFederal Way has many tourist attractions to offer to both tourists and locals. One of the biggest attractions is Mt. Rainer. The mountain stands out in the landscape, showcasing its beauty. On a nice clear day, you can see the mountain from quite a distance. Of course, you can take a trip to the area and see the Volcano Mountains up close and personal. There is Laser Quest, Enchanted Village, Enchanted Parks, and A+ Travel Cruise. Each attraction can bring a great fun filled day of enjoyment. The A+ Travel Cruise is great for the couple wanting to get a better look around at the city. They offer tours and charters.
  • School SystemsDue to all the surrounding neighborhoods in Federal Way, there is a large variety of schools available for children and those seeking higher education. Federal Way offers both public and private schools so you are sure to find the right fit for your child's educational requirements. Federal Way has a total of eight public elementary schools and five private elementary schools. There is also one public middle school and four private middle schools. A few of the private schools are for both elementary and middle school students. Federal Way also offers a private high school as well. Federal Way takes college education extremely seriously and offers many methods of achieving your goals. Federal Way has a total of nine colleges, universities, community colleges, and technical schools available.
  • Outdoor ActivitiesFederal Way offers a multitude of parks and recreation areas due to Weyerhaeuser Company setting aside several extensive portions of their properties for this reason. This makes Federal Way a wonderful place for camping, watching nature, and hiking. Wild Waves Theme Park is also extremely close to Federal Way. This is the only permanent theme park in the area. It offers fun for the whole family during the warmer temperatures. Walking and bicycling are both very popular here, too.
  • Weather and ClimateThe temperature in Federal Way tends to stay around 41 in January and approximately 65 in July. Due to Federal Way being close to Seattle, the precipitation is on the high side here as well. Federal Way usually gets approximately 38.95 inches of rain annually, however, when it is not raining, the sun shines very brightly on this wonderful city.